With new technological developments gracing the online market on a daily basis, it is great to keep a keen eye on new trends gracing the market. SEO is one of the incredible ways of helping your website rank high in search engines. To stay ahead of your competitors, itโ€™s wise to have a keen eye on prospect trends that can benefit your brand.

If you embrace SEO in your business strategy, you can attest that some things stay the same. Many website owners will use a relevant keyword in a title to attract more traffic to their websites. Significantly, you should not ignore SEO trends that keep changing on a daily basis and keep your brand growing.

If you plan to grow your brand, know what search engine optimization tactics and strategies that will work for you. These are approaches that will help your brands dominate in the SERPs and earn you more revenue or return on investment. With this in mind, here are the five SEO trends that can benefit your brands in 2020. Have a look;

1. Voice Search SEO

Google voice search is a feature you will without a doubt fall in love with. You will get an opportunity to search the web with Google using voice commands instead of typing. This is a great development you can use both for desktop and mobile searches.

All you need is to optimize your website for voice search and include the technology into your SEO strategy and tactics. You will get more traffic to your website and market your brand to a wide clientele base.

Through voice searches, the terms you use will be more conversational. You can also come up with results based on chosen keywords. However, make sure you speak the language of your target audience. You also have to come up with matching voice search questions and build long lasting relationships.

2. High-quality Content

The content you provide for your search engine optimization strategy can make or break your brand. Providing high-quality content is an evergreen SEO trend that you can never shun away from, if you want to boost your SERPs.

People will visit your website with questions that require detailed answers. You need to undertake meticulous research and come up with content that will satisfy their curiosity. High-quality content should well-structured, make sense, be easy to read and relate with.

To promote your brand, bear in mind content is your most valuable asset and you need to optimize it. Some key effective ways to prepare great content include;

  • Providing detailed information. 
  • Ensure your website contains information of value.
  • Engaging and well-written content.
  • Content free from spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and misused words.

3. User Experience and Technical SEO 

Smart SEO professionals should pay much attention to user experience and technical search engine optimization. This is a trend that will help your users have the best online experience and offer them a reason to visit your website.

You also need to support your technical foundations and best practices to promote your brand. You need to consider your website speed, ease of navigate from one page to another and general speed of each page.

Technical SEO will offer a means to ensure your target audience can enjoy the best user experience. Such a decision will help meet expectations of search engines for more clicks and conversions.

4. Video is Crucial for Your Brand 

Video marketing is a crucial trend to incorporate into your marketing strategies. Online video consumption will continue to rise steadily and for many years to come. Millions of internet users spend a lot of time watching videos, and this time is great to learn more about a product or service.

Incorporating videos in your SEO tactic and strategy is an exceptional way to improve your brand engagement. A good video can bring in huge traffic and it should complement and boost your SEO strategy as well as speak more about your brand.

5. Artificial Intelligence is Imperative

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the futuristic technologies you can embrace in your marketing strategy today and benefit your brand. In fact, you are not the first one using AI in your undertakings as a wide variety of industries are already using this technology. Itโ€™s a trend that helps create unique and personalized experiences for your customers.

By embracing AI, you easily classify your web pages and determine their rankings. This is a much more precise strategy that has impacted SEO greatly with the advent of Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding (BERT). This is a strategy that will impact how your target customers search. It gives search engines a better means to comprehend the context of words used in searches.

6. Mobile SEO 

Mobile use in search engine optimization is leading the way and is the in-thing among many website owners. Your website will rank better on the search engines depending on the basis of your mobile version.

Your SEO strategy should be mobile driven to give your website and brand the competitive edge. However, ensure your website is mobile-friendly by providing structured data, know what kind of traffic to expect and kind of optimization your need.

7. Structured Data is the In-thing 

Your already know how important it is to provide high-quality content. However, itโ€™s great to make it easy to understand the full context of the data you are providing. By using this strategy, you give your desired search engines โ€œcluesโ€ to better understand and deliver the best results. 

To effectively market your brand, structure your data in a way that it makes it easy for search engines to understand what is on your web page. In addition, it becomes easy to understand how each element connects to the details on the web page. This is a trend that will make it easy to know how the page relates to other pages within your websites.

The provided data will be easy to find regardless of the channel a visitor uses. Significantly, it will also be easy to take advantage of any future features that Google and social media platforms will introduce.

These structured data will become your websites marketing data layer and the content will available for any search platform visitors use. With your structured data in place, you can go on and influence your marketing strategy and the services or products you offer.

Final Thoughts

Itโ€™s wise for SEO professionals to stay well-acquainted with the latest developments in the technological world. For your brand to stand out, try and get your pages rank high on SERPs and provide high-quality content that focuses on the user. Itโ€™s wise to also focus on new SEO trends and follow them meticulously. This is a great strategy to get the best result in your business endeavors.

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