According to the survey, the blog is the source of 97% of the backlinks that a website can get. That is, blog content can be largely responsible for the growth of a page, in addition to bringing other benefits to brands and companies. For a small or young company that is trying to get their brand off the ground, having a popular blog can be synonymous with success.

A lot of people think that having a blog means being a blogger. But of course not, right? Beyond that, the blog has a clear objective of exposing ideas. Here are some tips to improve your content writing Cheap Custom Papers.

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Post more often: the blog market is very busy and, therefore, attracting attention with new posts is essential. The more frequent your publications are, the more people will be able to get involved with the material and the more the competition will be left behind.

But of course, you are not going to write anything or post something that is not interesting for your niche. People must keep coming back to your blog. This is only possible with interesting and relevant content.

This can be a little tricky and requires the development of regular work habits. And, if it is impossible to set aside a few hours to create interesting content for your audience every day, the best solution is to hire the services of a digital marketing agency.

Put quality in front of quantity: just because you have to post frequently, don’t assume that publishing anything will get you ahead. Publishing a lot of times a day may have worked in the past when blogs were new. Currently, there is a saturation of online messages, causing people to ignore a lot.

Not to mention that people have less time and less patience to look at everything. That’s why bloggers focus on just one way to improve your blog’s content marketing: creating content that specifically meets the needs and demands of your readers. You need to stay true to your niche and your style, delivering exactly what they want to see.

Take advantage of live streams: Live streams became popular in 2016 and are in full swing in 2017. Customers are looking for friendly, authentic and meaningful interactions with brands and live videos can provide that. The social media platforms have worked strongly for these transmissions are getting better and more frequent.

The live video appears to provide a more fruitful connection between brand and customers, surpassing other formats. According to a report from the platform, 74% of respondents to a video marketing survey say that this type of content generates a higher conversion rate than any other.

Update old content: While it is essential to keep your content fresh and attractive, you should not let your old posts get out of date. Many users can reach them and not notice the publication date. So review old posts that are relevant to your niche and update them.

This not only keeps readers informed, but it can also attract new readers. Also, it seems that search engines love it when old content is updated. Therefore, you need to review everything, rewriting outdated numbers, removing broken links, talking about new tools and providing updated images to keep your blog at the top.

Do not wait until the last minute to post about something new: of course, you are not the only person to do this, but finding out about something new in your industry and leaving it to write about afterward may not have any effect. That’s because news loses its appeal after several media publish before you.

Keep in mind that blogs that are worth reading are a mix of quality and quantity. Therefore, you should never let the quality of your content slip. To avoid such a catastrophe, staying informed about news and writing about them as soon as possible is essential to improve your blog’s content marketing.

Take advantage of semantic search: over time, search engines become more intelligent. So it is vital to keep an eye out for these changes. Keyword rankings are essential, but there are more search criteria to take into account. Bloggers especially benefit from semantic research, as it improves the accuracy of the results.

Its features include automatic correction, location-specific results, and conversation search results. To take advantage of semantic search, focusing less on specific keywords is the best option. You must focus not only on keywords but also on related words and their meaning, just as Google does.

Also, you have to ensure that the focus of your content is clear and obvious. This will help search engines to know what you want and deliver the right content to the right people. The quality of the content must be optimal and the text must correspond to the chosen keywords and related ones.

Follow other blogs: Following other blogs in your niche not only helps you stay informed but also keeps up with trends and build a network of contacts. Knowing what others are writing about can be a great way to gain insights and keep your blog up to date.

Also, keeping in touch with other blogs is essential. Exchanging links, and even articles can help your page grow and improve the credibility of your brand or company with the niche you work with.

Stay informed about RankBrain: Google only wants to offer the best search results to its users, but there is an infinite void of content to scan and rank. It is for this reason that he created a tool known as RankBrain to solve this problem.

The RankBrain is a component of artificial intelligence used by the algorithms Google that can scan an ocean of content and discover which topics are the trend right now. It can also adapt, analyzing a series of queries and determining users’ intentions. To do well with RankBrain, it is essential to optimize titles and texts and fill in tags and meta tags.

Maintain a dialogue with those who comment on the blog: although it is good to have an accurate and friendly approach when it comes to responding to comments received on the blog, sometimes it is necessary to delve into certain subjects. People will ask, want to know more about certain topics and even maintain a long-term dialogue.

Keeping this communication high can help improve your blog’s content marketing. The more popular a blog, the more people will come into contact with it. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to respond to even the cruelest criticisms with resourcefulness and sympathy.

Doing Competitor Analysis: Doing a ” competition analysis ” does not mean stealing ideas or copying them. It is sometimes important to analyze your competitors’ approach. Look at the type of keywords and social platforms they are using just to learn about current practices in their industry.

If something is working very well, test a similar strategy with your audience and see how it behaves. But don’t copy exactly what other people are doing. Get a good idea and give it your personality, creating your method to use it on your blog. This can certainly reverberate well throughout the network.

The creation of content helps to expand the performance of your company, as important as the form of posting. Take the opportunity to disseminate news, promotions, tips, and trends making content marketing efficient.

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