You may have words like Astronaut, Jargonaut, Cybernaut or the heroic word comes from the ancient Greece, Argonaut. But you might be confusing with the word ‘Nerdynaut’. Actually, You should be. Because this is a word came up by us.

Well, Dictionary.com has defined the word ‘Nerd’ as a person who is intelligent but single minded and obsessed with non-social pursuits. On the other hand, according to Wiktionary, the suffix ‘-naut’ means a voyager or perhaps seeker. Based on those definitions we would like to define,

A person who skilled and trained enough to gear up own brain.


Anyways, we are a multi-niche online media which caters nerds, geek and dorks all around the world.


Shehan is the founder of Nerdynaut. He is a person who is studies computer networks, works in the cloud ecosystems and lives under the biblical teachings.

Muthu Karunarathna


Muthu is a talented graduate from the University of Cambridge. Her major is Data Science (Big Data) and Machine Learning. She is also an experienced software engineering professional with a lot of innovative ideas and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Reshan Perera is a CIMA Passed Finalist and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Finance (WUSL). Further, he is experienced in Business Researching and Business Development as he has been the owner and chairman of Global Writers Limited for more than five years as of now. Also, he was the consultant for the Gender Lens Investing research from Sri Lanka, conducted by the Global Affairs Canada and World University Society of Canada recently.

Afrah FazlulHaq

Author & Contributor

Afrah FazlulHaq is a content contributor at Nerdynaut.