Nerdynaut is an online media and entertainment organization dedicated to the nerdish community. Besides article publishing, we publish books. Our books are available on all the major online bookseller stores (books.nerdynaut.com).

Nerdynaut has its own local nerd community in Sri Lanka as Nerdish.lk We are posting articles in both English and Sinhala languages on that platform.

Apart from the nerd community, we target classy girls who want to wear marvellous swimwear and beachwear through Mermaidshire.com.

Trinauty.com, which was inspired by the Living Biblically TV Show on CBS, is a living guide catered to the Abrahamic followers who believe in the story of Genesis which involves Adam, Eve and the Tree of Knowledge and Evil (Tree-not-to-eat).


Since we are operating as a startup, none of the team fellows works full-time at Nerdynaut.

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