The Urban Dictionary defines a Nerd as, ‘the One whose IQ exceeds his weight’. That is quite accurate. Not only are we excessively intelligent and love learning, but we also don’t go by social norms. We are quirky and lack social skills but we don’t really mind being the weird ones.

Nerds don’t get much recognition in the world, and sometimes conceptually get confused with Geeks. Let us make ourselves clear here. Geeks are a group of people who are enthusiastic about a particular field or topic such as superheroes or video games. Geeks do care about Social Norms and presently Geeks are considered to be Cool. Nerds, on the other hand, are studious and achievement-oriented. Although Nerds can have Geeky traits sometimes and Geeks can be Intellectual, Nerds are not Geeks.

If you’ve read up to this, you’re surely a Nerd. That’s alright, you’re in a safe place. Nerdynaut is a media organization dedicated to the nerdish community. Living up with the current trends – We are more leaned onto psychological and tech stuff. We are the ultimate Nerd lifestyle Guide. Or for a regular person – The ‘Cosmopolitan’ of the Nerd World!

We have categorized all our content according to levels of Nerds. We understand that all of us are not the same and we look for answers on the internet for different matters.

Nerds at School

Are you a high schooler? Have other people commented about your personality being; 

  1. Weird
  2. Quirky 
  3. Smartypants?

If all the above fits your personality, you’re surely a Nerd. We understand, being a Nerd at School isn’t easy. You may not get along with everyone. In fact, you may even have a few foes here and there. But that doesn’t mean you’re the only one of your kind. Plus, there are so many cool things a Nerd in school like you, could do! Interested in learning how to navigate high school while enjoying your school days? Nerds at School can help you.

Nerds at College

Successfully got through high school? Here comes College! Currently, following a diploma? A degree, your Masters? Or confused about what to choose? We are your guide.

University is every Nerd’s most favorite phase in life. No responsibilities, no evading bullies, and complete peace of mind. During this period, you learn new things, meet likeminded people, and may even find your soul mate. (Who knows?)

However, there’s no guide that would help a Nerd get through College while accomplishing all academic goals as well as social goals. Nerds at College is your savior!

Nerds at Work

Graduated University? Welcome to the real world! 

This can be the most challenging time of our life. As Nerds, we don’t really mingle a lot with people. But there comes a time when we have to. In such instances, be it a hierarchical organization or a self-made business, adhering to disciplines are a must if you want to grow. 

Apart from that, the work-life is amazing. You can pursue your other interests, you have plenty of freedom and you can finally work on yourself. When you’re ready, Nerds at Work will be there for you.

Nerds at Home

You’d already know that not all Nerds end up locked in experimental labs. Some of us would actually do normal jobs or even take up domestic chores like regular people. However, interests do vary. 

If you’re a Nerd, bored at home, you can spend some of your free time doing super cool activities like baking or DIY Hacks to liven up your homes or day to day activities. Excited to learn something new? Nerds at Home can help you!

Nerds in Tech

The brains behind building a small calculator to a huge space rocket are the Nerds in Tech. If there were no nerds in tech in the world of history, we won’t have any innovative tools like computers, internet, automobiles, and any sort of tech tool to make our life ease today.

The greatest scientist, engineers, and even business leaders are people who born with nerdish talents to master the technology like no one ever could.

Nerds at Gaming

Many think that Gamers are Geeks. Well we know, not all Gamers are Geeks. Some are Nerds as well. Do you spend your leisure time with a console in hand? 

Gaming is the best sport for a Nerd, it makes our brain wires relax and pump up the long lost adrenaline for once! It’s healthy and it isn’t restricted to a particular age group or a place. 

If you’re a Nerd looking to spice up your Gaming Game, you might want to follow the correct resources. Not all games are meant for Nerds and not all tricks on the internet are accurate. That’s why Nerds at Gaming, knows exactly how to make your gaming experience amazing.

Nerds on Vacation

Phew! A vacation finally!

Are you a Nerd looking to get away from the crowds and travel far? Then you deserve a good holiday. We Nerds can be perfectionists and control freaks at times. We don’t like sudden surprises and we definitely don’t like chaos.

Planning a holiday all the way from picking the ideal spot, to what type of activities to do, we – Nerds require the most sought after guidance. But don’t worry, Nerds on Vacation can help you!

Nerds on Wheels

Are you a person who grunts for more power like Tim Taylor in Home Improvement? Well, Tim is not a nerd. But nerds who are into wheels have the ability to get more power for their automobiles with zero explosions or anything bad that cause accidents because of the more-power-upgrades. Usually, nerds don’t go into car racing or any competitive activity as they are health conscious. When it comes to upgrading and fixing automobiles, nerdish abilities come handy with their mechanical and electronic engineering knowledge and skills.

Nerds on Shopping

We Nerds too care about our wardrobes and interests. Maybe not during high school but certainly we do now. And shopping is one of the trickiest challenges a Nerd faces. When it comes to clothing, we don’t keep up with the latest fashion trends nor do we spend hours swiping through celebrity profiles. When it comes to general shopping, we haven’t quite mastered it.

That’s why Nerds on Shopping can give you the absolutely best advice available in this context.

Nerds in Love

There’s no need to deny. We are all humans. Just like any other person, a nerd too goes through relationships, emotions, and Love. However, the types and approaches can be different. Most of us Nerds don’t have the confidence to initiate relationships. And sometimes breakups can feel deliberately depressing due to the lack of social support to keep hopes up.

Don’t worry! Nerds in Love understands exactly what you’re going through in each phase.


The bottom line is, no matter what type of a Nerd you are. No matter what information you’re looking for, Nerdynaut got you covered. Simply surf through our Nerd Guide Categories and enjoy your read! Take Care!

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