We all want our businesses to succeed. We are constantly on the lookout to keep developing business techniques, making sure it stays on top all the time with better rankings. But it’s not as easy as we think. The technology keeps developing and trends keep changing. In order to stay on track, one must be proactive and resilient especially in the cyber world.

Talking about the cyber world, SEO has pretty much taken over the whole cyber universe. Tracking every human behaviour on the Internet, their likings and manipulating searches to all things they need to see. We realized being an expert on SEO could seriously find us some good leads on our hunt for the limelight.

By now, you would probably know what SEO is and what it does, however, ranking keywords on the web is a tough task. Many of us were pondering about the correct method until we found this super cool site to muster organic CTR. (Yes, there are many that do, but not as efficient as Serp Empire)

What’s so special about SERP Empire?

Before answering this, I must say that understanding the importance of organic CTR is crucial. A click-through-rate is a way of inviting people to visit a site by using attractive content. According to a recent study on analyzing 5 million Google search results and CTR Techniques, we found out that the #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7%. If you want to see the best results from your SEO efforts, then you need to increase your CTR.

However, SERP Empire doesn’t weight much on studying the theoretical side of CTR visits. It’s all about using the keywords of your choice in the correct places. As it focuses on bringing organic reach, the initial results wouldn’t skyrocket at once which is a good thing.

Working around CTR rankings for SEO, SERP Empire doesn’t only promise its service on Google, but also provides increased organic traffic on other search engines like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

How does it work?

You may be wondering how all this organic trafficking works. Well, SERP Empire makes it quite simple. No more looking for the best keywords out there, if you know your stuff and want your own keywords to trend, this site would do it for you.

Campaign Statistics on SERP Empire
Campaign Statistics on SERP Empire

To bring in good CTR rankings, SERP Empire would automatically search for the keywords that you’ve provided, on the internet. By that, they’d track your website, come across the results on your site and visit few of your pages. This would be considered as one campaign and it could bring around 15 organic visits to your website each day during the first few days. These CTR visits mean that people are seeing your ads and clicking them, which is good. They’d also use Google SERP Bot to make it more efficient.

What is SERP Bot?

Google SERP Bot is a tool designed to increase your search engine results page click-through rate, or SERP CTR, to help you improve your rankings on the search engines. There are three types. The organic SERP, Paid SERP and the Contextual SERP which are generated from the context provided as keywords. Your SERP rankings decides your spot in the Google search pages and keeping yourself above the bar is important.

The features

SERP Empire is not just about CTR trafficking, but the complete package. Here are some of the features that we thought would be useful for starters like you.

Custom campaigns

Nobody really likes ready-made packages. Hence why this site has come up with an option of customization. Each individual or company has the choice of customizing the behaviours from visitors’ bounce rate to the number of page views etc.


Your CTR plan wouldn’t make sense if most of your visitors are from a city that your business is still not rooted in. Geo-Targeting helps you to create your own potential audience from your area by using residential proxies.

Campaign Targeting on SERP Empire
Campaign Targeting on SERP Empire

24/7 Service

The internet never sleeps, nor does SERP Empire. Don’t worry, once your CTR campaign is up, it’ll go on till the planned date without time obstacles. It’ll work on its own 24/7 and the last thing you need to worry about is the result being monitored during the night.


What can be more reassuring than a fast and reliable service?! In seconds after you set up your campaign, SERP Empire would start clicking on your website even if it’s on page 3 of the search engine results. So the results are prompt and clear of its source.

Help centre 

Let’s be honest, sometimes we are left clueless with certain processes. At such moments, expert assistance is a necessity. The SERP support fanatics are always ready to help with queries 24/7. So be it a doubt regarding your campaign or even the techniques, you’re covered.

Getting started

Good news! If it’s your first time trying SERP Empire, you get a completely free trial round. Which means the initial campaign for 15 days, will be done for free. However, this would only allow one Key Word promising 5 visits a day. We suggest you to try the free trial first to know whether this method works for your business.

There are 3 other paid plans for different standards. The newcomer which allows a maximum of 5 keywords. The ‘Standard’ plan which allows 30 keywords and Professional which – is quite expensive – but allows you to enter keywords up to 200. Additionally, if you wish to have a bigger plan, you could contact the support team for assistance.

If in case you find the process not so very user-friendly, you can always cancel your account with few clicks, it’s that easy.


So there you go. The solution for your website visitor crisis. There are a number of CTR focused online tools and we found SERP Empire to be rather simple and easy to use, even for starters. Take up the free trial and run your first campaign to see the results.

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