Although for some, life is all about a continuous hustle for survival, few of them escape that line of destiny – NOT by working hard but by using their good luck charms and looks into a wealthy marriage. Let’s be honest, it’s every girl’s dream to live a life of a Queen. Even local parents emphasize on reading Horoscopes just to understand marriage. As kids we’ve watched fairytales like Cinderella, where a poor servant girl fall in love with a charming prince and goes on to live in magical palace.

Then as we reach young adulthood we focus on romantic novels where we find rich tycoons falling in love with their maids. We are programmed to believe that being a rich man’s wife is the epitome of life’s success. Even when Prince Harry went on to marry Meghan, a tiny part of us felt we deserved it too. But what we aren’t aware is, that life has far more to offer than simply being a rich wife. Even rich wives have to work hard.

If you are currently dating a rich man or have an aim on marrying one, you might want to look at all the peaks and valleys it has to offer before jumping right in. 

Pros of Being a Rich Man’s Wife 

Of course, the good things come first. Let’s keep all those true love relationship myths aside. Being a rich wife has its own advantages.

Hello Comfortable Life

There’s no denying in saying your life would be comfortable if you marry a wealthy man. Unless he’s a fraud who made up stories to get you into the fishing net. If your husband is a rich man he’ll make sure your living standards rise up to his level too. With survival your least of worries, say hello to a new comfortable life.

A Push for your Ambition

If you’re an ambitious person with goals or a smart introvert following up dating for nerds, with massive dreams, a rich man can help you with it. Not only does money makes life smooth, it also helps you climb that one step higher before a regular person does. If you dream of starting your own business, you need not have to go behind investors, your husband would be your investor.

If he has self-made wealth, he’d definitely have influential contacts around the world which would be of great use for you.

All the gifts in the world

This is the part which every girl would completely drool over for. You necessary don’t have to be a gold-digger here to love gifts. If your husband treasures you, he would load you with surprise holidays, buy pearls, your favourite jewelries, the latest iPhone and all the little things you love as well. Of course they wouldn’t come for free, in return he would expect a great deal from you as well.

A good life for your child

At some point when the biological clock ticks in, every woman thinks about children. And what could be more secure for you than your child’s security?! Raising a child is not an easy task. Starting from purchasing diapers to saving up college fees, it can be a rollercoaster. But if your husband is wealthy, your child will most probably live a luxury and secure life.

You might be a trophy

This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some girls love being trophies while feminists clearly wouldn’t. If you look at the bright side, you husband would treasure you. And treat you like a real princess just to keep you looking good in front of his folks. The dark side is, well you have to look exactly like how your husband wants you to look. If you love Tattoos and he doesn’t, it might be a problem.

Cons of Being a Rich Man’s Wife

Just as much as there are many cherries on top of the cream, there’s also a downside. Being a Rich Man’s Wife is not always easy.

People think you’re a Gold-digger

Sometimes you might be just an innocent girl who fell helplessly in love with a rich man, but chances are that your friends and relatives will think you’re a Gold-digger. People will continue to judge you. Some people are just jealous, but if your most trusted friend says you’re a Gold-Digger, you might want to re-look at your intentions.

You feel useless

One of the most difficult things for a 21st century girl to deal with is, being dependent on a man. We are encouraged every day to be Independent. If all your luxuries rely on another human – more rather, your spouse, you may feel useless. Especially if you’re a housewife, you may not know what’s happening around in the real girl world.

Everyone has high expectations from you

If you’ve been acquired only for your good looks and mingling qualities, everyone would start expecting you to show off your talents. Being a Rich Wife means living up to other people’s expectations. This would be fun at first, but would stir up anxiety later on if you’re prone to emotional instability.

You may not be his only one 

This may differ from one person to another, but many who are extremely wealthy tend to drift away from Monogamy. It might not be the fault of the person itself, but rather the mindset that grows with wealth being surrounded. It’s partially the fault of women too. When women give more credit to rich men, they automatically think money can buy love. Once this registers in a man’s mind, he believes any girl he likes is his.


So there you go! All the pros and cons of being a rich man’s wife. Life would definitely be easier but expectations of you are quite high. After all, it’s your choice whether you want to go ahead with marrying a rich man, but make sure your marriage has more to it than Wealth and Pretense, after all money is just a material value.

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