What do you think about marriage? Simply putting it, a whole load of commitment. What would run in your mind if you’re getting married to a man? You might be excited and all happy but then a bunch of doubts would surely cross your mind. Such as ‘Is he the one?’, ‘what if I don’t like him later?’ Well, ladies – a tattoo is pretty much a man. However, the social conception of Tattooed girls and non-tattooed girls is very peculiar.

If you’re reading this – it could most probably mean that you’re planning on getting one or have already got one. Don’t sweat out, we are going to look at all the pros and cons of having a tattoo. Especially being a Sri Lankan 21st century diva, having an artistic soul could take you places.

Pros of being a tattooed girl

Let’s always learn to look at the bright side first. Tattoos are a wonderful technique of art. It takes time, precision and perfection and a talented artist to turn your skin into a living canvas of beauty.

A tattoo is an expression

The famous saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, can be adapted for this paragraph as the ‘Tattoo pen’. Unless you get one while being alcoholically influenced or unconscious, a tattoo can be something to be proud of. It expresses who you are. Ask any tattooed girl of their choice, and more than half of them would be positive about their decision.

The new generation welcomes you

The career world is been taken over by the younger generation, and it’s a good thing for you if you’re an owner of a tattoo. The young generation in the career world accepts all kinds of art and creativity. As long as you’re adequate for the position and your tattoo completes you as a person, your chances of getting the job are just as of a regular non-tattooed girl.

A tattoo can be a personal motivation

Committing yourself to something new is inspiring. Some of us get tattoos when we are in a lost state or an enlightening state. The tattoo we get gives us an immense power of confidence and inspiration. It doesn’t always have to be motivational words, even the simplest thorn – rose or a dove could mean a lot from your perspective. Whenever you feel down, take a look at your personal motivator and remember yourself for the great person you are.

Additionally, tattoos can serve practical and deeply meaningful purposes beyond aesthetics. For instance, medical tattooing is a specialized form of tattoo artistry used to restore or enhance physical features due to medical conditions or procedures, such as reconstructing nipple-areola complexes after breast surgery. These tattoos hold a unique significance, symbolizing strength and resilience in the face of challenges.

Portrays you as a risk-taker

In a world full of opportunities, a risk-taker is a gem in a Mine. Be it the career world or the dating world, having a tattoo portrays you as a risk-taker. Tattooed girls in today’s generation are regarded as fearless women. It’s a good thing. Unlike many men, women are not scared of commitment. If you have a tattoo and you don’t regret a bit of it, you’re halfway on the road to success and many great things. Keep going, girls!

Cons of being a tattooed girl

With all good thing, comes the bad. Though we hate to accept, getting a tattoo does have its disadvantages.

Cultural norms rise above you

Society is the chain that binds you. Sometimes it keeps you away from doing things for yourself. Especially coming from a very reserved and religious family, getting yourself a tattoo can be a punishable crime. Let’s say you were able to hide it somehow from your family, but one way or another your partner will get to know about it. Not all of them would have such open minds.

It’s permanent, somewhat

If you’re the type who easily gets bored with stuff, a tattoo can be a great risk. Especially if you’re too hyped up about it or just too young to think straight, you should be careful of what you permanently write on your body. You might end up being bored with it after all. What we would suggest is, get a henna tattoo first and see how you enjoy being a tattooed girl, then take a deep breath and make a clear decision. Alternatively, you can get tattooed and if you decide you don`t like it, you can have it removed cheap. However, tattoo removal is tricky and might leave permanent marks. Fortunately, the average cost of tattoo removal is not too high.

You cannot donate blood

If you often donate blood, getting a tattoo could be a problem. Well at least for one year or so until your ink-tainted blood is purified again. The time periods change in different countries, so fingers crossed for you.

Your chances of getting into the Sales/Hospitality Industry is very low

Unlike other industries like Creative, Tech and backend operations, the Sales, Travel and Hospitality industry strongly require appearances to be maintained. Mostly because they come across and meet many people and they are regarded as the face of a company. Unless you have a tiny tattoo hidden inside, a visible tattoo can cost you your career opportunities.

Your tattoo relies on the artist’s talent

Getting a tattoo is not easy, it’s quite expensive in Sri Lanka. But above that, doing the tattoo is harder. Your tattoo artist should be really good to make your tattoo look good. Talented artists are expensive, cheap artists are risky and dangerously unhygienic as well. Especially if you’re prone to allergies, better let your artist know prior. Usually, your artist would draw it and show you before inking it. However, accidents could always happen and a small mistake can live with you for the rest of your life. So think twice.


Here we go, all the things you need to know about getting a tattoo and embracing the tattooed girl within you! One thing that you should remember is, that being a tattooed girl is nothing to be ashamed of. But owning a mediocre tattoo is pretty harsh. So if you’re convinced to get a tattoo, make sure you consult a talented artist or get advice from someone who has already got one.

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