Most people think of nerds as someone who stays in his room the whole day long. You can know more about nerds here. They don’t do much social interaction, don’t care about sports, and they watch movies every day. Some people even think that they spend much of their time reading, and they have obscure interests that not all people can relate to.

But if you are one of the people who are interested in a nerdy guy or girl, know that they can be adorable and witty. You can spend a lot of time debating topics that both of you can relate to.  

Know that no matter what other people look at them, they are still an individual with feelings. They get hurt with the slightest offensive comment about them, and they also want to feel loved. They are very loyal when they think that someone understands them. They are surprisingly great romantic partners if they feel that someone accepts their passions and quirks.
Nerds can have interests similar to those of more outgoing people. They often want to be heard, air their opinions and have social arguments — only that they prefer the anonymity of social channels. Nerds certainly have emotions just like everyone else and can feel pain, joy, and love. Although it seems nerds would only want other nerds and sapiosexuals for dating and relationships, that is often not the case. Many nerds would jump at the chance to date the hottest girl in class, Latin mail order brides, and magazine cover girls, indicating that their love interests are pretty standard.

If you are a nerd and you are interested in dating, here are the tips that can make your date a successful one. Know that each of your potential partners is unique, and some tips may not apply to them. But let them tell you what they want to do or where to hang out. You both can have a great time if you give each other the chance to know yourselves better.

How to Be Successful in Dating if you are a Nerd

1. Wear Something Nice

You might be someone who spends a lot of time playing computer games. However, you should not neglect your clothes. When you go to the library, wear something nice. You are a person, and you have every right to go anywhere where the girls are. You can try hanging out in a gym. Don’t forget to spray a splash of cologne since a lot of girls appreciate these little things. 

2. Discuss Things that your Date can Relate To

If you are dating a beautiful chick, you might want to discuss something both of you are comfortable with. You might not want to talk about the latest updates about the new patch of the game that you are playing if the girl can’t relate. Instead, you can start by asking questions about her hobbies and what she wants to do in her spare time. If both of you love reading books, you can discuss some passages that you love for hours.

3. Be Yourself

While others think that this tip will be counterproductive, being yourself will make you act more comfortable. Pretending to be someone you are not can make things awkward, and you may be off to a bad start. If you own skiing equipment, you are passionate about catching pokemon, or you wanted to watch anime, then you are not alone. Fortunately, there are girls in today’s times that also watch anime all day long.

4. Sign up on an App

We all know that nerds tend to be a big fan of new technology and insert it into their life whenever they can. Why would dating be any different? Depending on what you’re looking for there are some great technology options out there that can help you out. 

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of relationship you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something casual and fun there are some highly rated hookup sites out there recommended by dating experts. If you’re more interested in something long-term there are also great dating focused apps.

If you don’t know where to start, the good news is that there are applications that are made to make your life easier. There are people who share your love for technology, games, science fiction, books, and a lot more. The app with good ratings can help you find a match that has the same likes as you. These can remove unnecessary friction on the first date, and you will both have a common ground to discuss everything that you are both interested in.

Looking for a Match?

If you are tired of getting friend-zoned or just staring at your crush without doing anything about it, you may want to give dating applications a try. Some sites let you sign up quickly without too many requirements. You need to provide the app with pieces of information such as location, age, interests, and the gender of the person that you want to date.

You can then browse through profiles and get suggested matches that are based on the criteria that you have given. As with anything online, you should exercise caution when signing up. Not all of them are legitimate, so make sure to choose the ones that have great feedback from previous clients. You should also talk to someone on phone calls to know how they sound. You might want to do video calls to see their faces and make sure that you are not dealing with a psychopath.

Safety should be one of your man priority when you are looking for a match. But after making sure that this person only wants to find someone that also accepts them and they are serious about getting into a relationship with you, then it can be about time to give these apps a try. 

Other Helpful Tips for Nerds

Gaming Nerd
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

1. Don’t fall in love easily

Some nerds met someone online, and they felt understood for the first time. The next time, they are telling their friends and families that they have found the one. This should not be the case at all. As the axiom says, you should kiss a few frogs before finding someone that transforms into a prince or a princess. 

Beware of people who declare their undying love on the first date. The point of dating is to meet a lot of people as much as you can. This can help you identify the ones who can deal with your quirks and the ones that are only pretending to be your friend only to steal your money.

2. Take charge

If you are a man, you should still pay for the first date in a restaurant. Regardless if you think that many women are now competing for a man’s role, and want to success, you still have to lead them. Be a man and act like one. 

You can start by opening doors for them, giving them flowers, complimenting them on their dress, and a lot more. If you find these things too awkward, you can learn by watching videos or getting tips from someone you trust. The key is to make sure that you and your date have a good time, so there’s a higher chance that there will be a second time around.

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