Couple goals are perfect on Social Media. Travelling together, discovering food spots together etc. Being single at such times makes us feel lonely. We do unimaginable things to keep us company when in a relationship. There are those who identify these weaknesses of attention-seekers’ and uses it to their advantage.

Gold-diggers are found everywhere in the world. And the psychology of a gold digger is still unexplained. They aren’t born, society makes them be such people. It’s alright to feel pity for them, but if one is holding your hand ready to ruin your life, it’s high time to getaway. Traditionally its always girls who are regarded as gold-diggers, but a recent study conducted by Forbes shows that Women aren’t the only ones looking for sugar daddies. Millennial men prefer rich older women over same-age partners.

However, finding the indicators would be difficult. Nowadays gold-diggers have figured out how to adapt to the new world and they’ve become even sly and smarter.

Let’s look at the 5 indicators that prove your darling keeps a golden shovel in the backyard. (Figure of speech, not an actual shovel)

1. Learn about their friends

They say like-minded people hang out together. If you happen to have a conversation with them regarding friends, try to get to know what type of friends your partner hangs around with. Don’t be so blunt to ask whether their friends are hunting money, but a regular conversation would do. A gold-digger hates to admit that he/she is one. In the present day, they try to divert any doubt by pointing the finger at a friend who possibly is one.

If your date says stuff like, ‘My friends are all looking for sugar daddies, but I’m not like that’, you may want to keep yourself on alert. Sometimes she/he may be honest, but in most cases, it’s not the same scenario.

2. Their Financial dependency

Gold-diggers aren’t ambitious goal-chasers. They’re in a psychotic depressed state where they’ve given up on chasing goals. The only goal they chase is money. All their dreams are linked to money. Most of them are extremely social butterflies with a declining career. They do not like hard work or effort. Talk with your date about his/her career dreams, if they give vague answers, it may indicate that they’re not interested in growing up in life but rather slug-on to someone who is.

You’d also come across gold-diggers who are aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting businesses require money, support and a peaceful mind. Some gold-diggers would actually try to convince you of their billions-worth ideas. Look out for statements like, ‘My dream is to start my own café, but I don’t have money, so it’ll never happen’.

3. Questions about your family’s finances

Gold-diggers wouldn’t hesitate to question their dates about their family’s financial backgrounds. The norms and characteristics of a gold-digger are mostly associated with poor people. But today, it’s not the perception. Gold-diggers come from well-to-do families. They are mostly spoilt by their beloved parents and they expect the same from their future partners.

If during conversations, your date asks questions about your parents’ jobs, the number of lands, vehicles and shares they own, you may have to be cautious. Asking about your financial independence is totally fine because the idea of dating a dependent partner is not so pleasant. However, gold-diggers would rarely care about your career growth, as long as he/she is provided security.

4. Physically attractive

Gold-diggers don’t just pop out of nowhere. If they’ve done it before, they’d do it again. And if they are an expert, they wouldn’t even show some of the above-mentioned characteristics. Some of them would perfectly fake it all the way. Either way, there is one thing that would distinguish them from a regular person with good intentions. Gold-diggers always maintain a high-end appearance. They’d wear branded clothing, know how to function properly in a wealthy society, be aware of manners and they are physically always prepared.

If your date looks all high-end without even a proper career or hard work earnings, it could probably mean that they dug their way through wealthy pockets to come to where they are now. Be extremely cautious of this type, they have the capability of stealing every single cent from you in return of all things physical.

5. Look out for the men too

Today, even men are hunting for riches amidst female gold-diggers. Young men prefer older women, not only are they financially stable, but they are also emotionally less insisting. If you’re even a young woman with a promising career and financial independence, look out for gold-digging men around you.

Most of these men are either students or artists with dreams but no proper job. They would constantly ask for loans to pay back and would be so romantic and loving. Resist those charms ladies, you may be taken on a ride around ‘golden town’.

6. Look out for friends

Reading all the above, you may think that friendships are long-lasting than relationships. Well, you’re in for a surprise! Not only dates are gold-diggers, even some friends can be. You don’t necessarily have to be wealthy to be a target if you have a stable job and an open heart, all kinds of weasels would attract themselves to you.

The most common gold-digging friend characteristic would be that they’d always scrape off free meals out of you. Additionally, they’d ask for loans to live their extravagant lives and have a standby friend for these if in case you’re unable to lend them. Be wise with your friend choices.


So here we go! If you’re in doubt whether your latest date is a gold-digger or not, the above indicators would help you in searching for your answer. Remember to listen to your instincts and your closest friends. They’d give the most honest judgment. Good luck, and do be smart with your choices!

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