How long is your to-do-list for this day or week or month or year?

I guess it has lot of stuff to do in a particular period and sometimes it drives you anxious and crazy. But have you prioritized them properly?

Ladies, we are being hardwired to do multi-tasks from the evolution. In the modern world, we have different roles to play as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother in our life while balancing our career and it is not an easy task when we move forward in life.

In life, we have so many things to do in a little amount of time. So, time management is a key skill that you should possess. In doing so, why do not you prioritize your work according to Eisenhowerโ€™s urgent/important principle? If you can differentiate the urgent and important activities in your life, you will be much organized and relaxed about your life.

To use the principle, first list all the activities that need your attention no matter how big or small it seems. Then, simply categorize them in the priority order of important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent and finally as not important and not urgent.

I normally say this as I and U method where I stands for important and U stands for urgent activities. It is easy to remember as I and U, I and not U, not I and U and not I and not U; like in the logic gates of Boolean algebra. In any situation of problems in life, I check to which category do they belong. Then plan and work on them by stopping procrastination.

This principle really helps you to focus on your relevant activities and ignore the time consuming irrelevant activities. Even you can work parallelly on urgent issues as well as you can work on long term important goals in life. Mainly you can stop worrying about problems and enjoy your life as a result. Simple as that.

So, dear ladies, love yourself, be yourself and shine amongst those who never believed you could!

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