Each year, as usual, we are struggling with the management of time, unclear focus to work, shaking mindset, issues in prioritizing duties and overload of information to process, as well as lack of motivation.  Due to several processes in mind, you will have physical stress in your mind. Therefore, periodic stops and rest are needed by the brain to function like short breaks, sleep and even simply by closing your eyes in few seconds.
The physical rest helps to refresh and rebuild both the body and the mind regardless of the capacity of your job. From CEO to labour, researchers have proven that rest is essentially required by everyone to synchronize his or her body and mind to function at its maximum capacity.At the office, you will have thousands of e-mails to reply, thousands of business calls, number of customer complaints, several meetings to attend etc. You will start to feel that 24 hours are just not enough per a day, but you never get 25 hours per day too.

By the end of the day, we are exhausted and go to bed just to wake up early in the next-day morning to attend the office, repeat it all over again and again. Endeavour of this article is to introduce you several management tips, which will help to organize your office work and reduce the stress in New Year.

Timing Your Game

At the very beginning of the year, you will have month and dates. You can grasp over 50 activities floating around you.  Take a little time and isolate in a proper place, get your note book and pen, use your subconscious mind and write the date when you really need to happen. Writing will leads to think, thinking will leads to feel and the feeling makes the action. If you are successful on it, you will repeat it again.As described above, evaluate your activities and see that anything you can eliminate. Find out how the activities are depending on each other. Some areas within the business you can let it run and some areas you have to think again whether to continue or not because time is money.

If you have got the ideas, write them down in your note book. It may be your dream car or qualifications like MBA. In a same way write your business goals like what you want to be accomplished in the coming year.

From here, you can have a look in your note book about your everyday writing. Before you go to bed every night, have a look at your note book to see what you need to do tomorrow. Since you are familiar with smart phones, you can use it because it is always with you wherever you go.

Now try to set time for each activity. It is an unbelievable because 30-minute task you can complete within 15 minutes actually, sometimes less than that. For each activity that you completed, there is a time waste. Eliminate the waste and tract the actual time. Similarly, you can boost team productivity by using the above technique.

The distractions come in the middle of the work which takes our attention and prioritize as an urgent task to attend. As a result of this, you may not complete your work at a specific time.  Always try to resist the distraction and attend your work. Identify the main distractions that you may have. For instance, silent your mobile phone, reduce TV volume, etc.

Some scientific research reveals that music enhances the productivity. You can try out music based neuroscience and see whether it is helpful for you or not.

Don’t spend much time in guessing on what you want to do because it is time wasting… The best way is to figure out how you can come out of this and ask from the relevant person about it to get a clear idea.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a new one, you have to understand the importance of creating the business setup. You need to map out on how you can successfully run your business operations.

You need to assess carefully on how the human resources would be as well as, how sales, marketing, accounting, IT departments should work together towards the achievement of a common goal at the right time. If you are unable to synchronize the time between the departments, you will be in a trap.

Are you working on real time or clock time? Remember always that you live on real time not clock time. The real time exists between your eyes and ears. It is the right time that you get to start the work than postponing or wasting time. If you use this method, you will never say, “I don’t have time.”

When answering phone calls practice not to answer the unnecessary calls. In the same way, don’t read e-mails when they appear in your inbox, because those are time-consuming and make you unproductive by end of the day. Disconnect or control your instant messaging (IM), unless you get the absolutely important matter for your business.

How to Use Eisenhower’s Principle?

Eisenhower’s Principle indicates how quickly to identify the activities that you should do now, as well as some activities you should eliminate. If you use this tool to organize your time, you can deal with several issues by serving time, as well as you can work towards important, longer-term goals for your organization.

Not Urgent
Do Now
Not Important
Don’t Do

Eisenhower’s Principle Matrix

The first quadrant Do Now as its tasks are important tasks to be done today or tomorrow at the latest. The second quadrant is important but less urgent. You should list out the tasks that you need to put in your calendar. The third quadrant takes Delegate as they are less important to you than others but still urgent. You can delegate tasks by e-mail, telephone or within a meeting to check back on their progress later.  The fourth quadrant is called Don’t Do because it helps you to eliminate unnecessary activities in your task list.

Using Tools 

  1. You can use Calendly.com and use it for scheduling your meetings, trainings, etc.
  2. Us e-mobile apps to communicate with groups.
  3. Use Evernote in your smart phone to take notes, scan, text, etc.
  4. Google calendar is helpful you to schedule the meetings, trainings, etc.
  5. Use Google docs to store your files.

Good time management techniques are helpful to you to work smarter and complete lot of works in less time, even if the tight schedule is in high pressures. Failing to manage your time properly reduces your effectiveness and causes unnecessary stress. By using the time-management techniques described in this article; you can improve your ability of time management more effectively – even with extreme time deadlines.


Dr Himendra Balalle is an eminent lecturer and a consultant who reveals time management tips by this article. By using the time-management techniques described in this article, you can improve your ability of time management more effectively – even with extreme time deadlines.

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