To start with, โ€œWhat is life?โ€ according to your point of view. One may say it is a jigsaw puzzle where you try to fit the parts properly and try to get a big picture. It can be a game of chess where you take cautious decisions in every move you make. It can be a game of snake and ladders where you face the ups and downs from time to time. It can be a battle where you try to fight as a warrior. Whatever the definition, life is a complex journey where each of us have a different time frame to live in this world. In doing so, we need to face problems mainly as challenges, experiences, and lessons in our lives.

So, how do you face the problems in life? To my point of view, a problem is like a mathematical equation where you can have multiple solutions as choices. Either it can be a positive, negative or a zero solution. Yet, every problem has an answer and we should have the courage to face it with composure, patience, and correct attitude.

You may say it is easier said than done. Yes. I agree that in reality, it is always hard to put a brave face. Normally, what pulls you back? If you notice carefully, it has always been the negative sources, people, things, and habits. Right now, you or your loved one may be suffering from a terminal illness or you are in a verge of bankruptcy or have failed an exam or in an unhealthy relationship. I can continue the list of problems on and on.

The key ingredient of facing the problems in life is believing in yourself while hanging on to your dreams without diversion. To do that, you may have to do various sacrifices like work 18 hours per day, change the diet plan, quit the job, look after your loved ones, change the location you live, give up your hobbies etc. for a certain period in life. Yet, the main thing is you should not give up in life while enjoying what you have right now because the past is already gone and the future is yet to come. You should keep on trying. No matter how hard it seems. It will get better as your current situation is not the destination you have targeted. Prove that winners in life never quit.

According to Robert Harold Schuller who was an American Christian pastor, motivational speaker and author,

โ€œProblems are not stop signs, they are guidelinesโ€.

In short, you need to take control of your problems without procrastination as you are the author of your own life book not vice versa. In tough situations, we are being tested to discover our hidden strengths by mother nature. Instead of grumbling โ€˜why me?โ€™, you need to have โ€˜try meโ€™ attitude.

In fact, life is more like a boxing ring. Defeat is declared when you refuse to rise and not when you fall down with problems. In life, you should be grateful to where you are now. But without sticking to your comfort zone, you need to go out of it and be excited about where you will be in a certain time frame with a unique goal where nobody can replace your individuality. That is how I see it folks!

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