I believe that everyone of us should have at least one hobby in our lives which consists of an activity that is being done regularly for pleasure at the spare time. It can vary from person to person as well. How do you feel about having many hobbies in your life? It sounds creepy I know.

Be a Superwoman in Action โ€“ Step 01

Yet, if you want to be a superwoman in action I guess you need to have a minimum of three hobbies.

First hobby of yours should be able to make money for yourself. This is apart from your main occupation. Transform this hobby as your secondary income. So that if something happens to your main income, you do not have to worry as you already have another option as a contingency plan. This hobby can be a part time or week end job or an activity where you tend to enjoy your leisure time.

Second hobby should be able to keep you in shape. As females we tend to go different changes in our bodies during different stages of our life. So, to keep a healthy body you can engage in yoga, zumba, pilates, aerobics, tabata, ballet etc. As a result, this hobby will increase your confidence of appearance as a true lady.

Third hobby should be able to make you creative. Art, music, drama and literature comes under this section. This hobby should be able to unearth your hidden talents and create inner equilibrium as a human.

So, is it possible to have these three hobbies in everyoneโ€™s life? Or can we have more than three hobbies? It is possible, and the choice is yours.

All you need is a normal brain and an abnormal commitment. While doing so, many will laugh at you as you are transforming into a different personality. On the other hand, you can laugh back at them as they stick to a stereotype of being in the same mould.

It is all about having a growth mindset. Excellence in life does not require perfection always. Your effort and attitude determine your abilities in life as a female. Challenges will help you to grow as you can learn anything that you want in life. Just believe you can achieve no matter how hard the problems in life beat you. Keep moving forward with a smile on your face.

So, dear ladies, love yourself, be yourself and shine amongst those who never believed you could!

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