Many women in our society are in a confined frame due to cultural and religious aspects. Most of them seem to be happy and satisfied with the life they have got. Yet, few are there who try to go beyond the limits by breaking the barriers, rules and norms of their respective society. Some wanted to make a change peacefully by sticking to their originality. Some enjoy the equal rights where as some promote feminism in their respective societies. Irrespective of the group of females you do belong, you really need to change to a certain extent. Because, we as females cannot stay aside without evolving into a new version of yourself in this busy and fast-moving world as it has become a matter of survival of the fittest. Competition is everywhere irrespective of the gender from education to employment opportunities. As a result, many independent and remarkable females are arising from numerous fields nowadays. They are gradually transforming our level of perception by their success stories of inspiring personality filled with rare qualities. Hence, they are kind of living superwomen in action!

Well, do you want to be a superwoman?

Whether you are single or married or divorced or widowed, I guess the simple answer is yes. There can be answers of no from the traditional females who would love to live in the 18th century in 21st century. The decision is yours.

First and foremost, you need to have a proper plan with a specific goal in your life. It can vary from person to person. Even you can add up your family and career goals together with educational goals. For example, you can aim to finish your post graduate degree by the age of 35 along with a stable income while being a mother of two kids. Whatever your ultimate goal may be, it should be easily broken down into few steps. Then see how these steps can be put into action with your monthly, weekly and daily goals in life. Main thing is you should not procrastinate with excuses.

Why is it hard to stick into a proper plan?

Because life is full of distractions. It can be any issue related to finance, health, relationship etc. in your life. In such a case, we should not be emotional and moody. We need to think rationally and take decisions accordingly with our head. Sometimes we need to take risks in our lives.

Have a clear mindset when moving on your specific journey where obstacles are unavoidable and inevitable. Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. Problems are common to everybody but attitude towards them make the difference.

Basically, you need to turn your pain into your power. Please forget and forgive your past. Change your thinking pattern and view failure as a part of success. Life ahead of you is far more important for the improvement. So, let us be optimistic.

You need to set your standards in life. You should never mistake with what you are offered with what you are worth. Stress occur when we work hard for something we do not like. Find your true passion where you can work hard timelessly. Make your passion, your occupation.

I guess you should not dream about the success like everybody. You need to work hard on it with a strong belief that you can achieve no matter harsh the outsiders’ comments that are thrown at you. Parallelly keep on learning new things which are useful to yourself as you need to be updated with knowledge.

So, dear ladies, love yourself, be yourself and shine amongst those who never believed you could!

Be a Superwoman in Action – Step 02 : Hobbies

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