One might just wonder how to turn up things to achieve success in life. Success is something that you will never achieve and it is a definition of your ability, attitude and your goals. For example one might think that completing MBA would make him or her successful, but will it? No, it will not. Once you finish your MBA you will redefine the word of success to a higher level of need or a state which can be like PhD. Therefore success is a long journey that will never end in your life. It is just a state of your mind and a level of a need that you want to accomplish to be a unique individual among others in the society. This article actually tries to give you some tips to face the challenges in your journey of success and they are based on my true life experience.


Attitude is the key. A positive attitude is essential for anyone who needs to be successful in life. Therefore, being positive helps you a lot. Being positive does not mean that you want to believe things that will never going to happen. It is just how you feel on the possibility of your ability.


Motivation makes you to find the attitude. There can be various sources of motivation. For example, for one person his/her loved ones or the family can be a motivation. Sometimes, money can also be a very good mode of motivation.

โ€œDo one simple thing which others cannot even think of doing”

Success is all about doing something very simple but it has to be something very creative. For example, Sir Newton derived the concept of Gravity by seeing an apple falling and one might argue โ€œOh! Thatโ€™s some simple fact.โ€, but it is not. After implementation, one might point and say, โ€œHey I could do it as well.โ€ but will they do it if you were not there to show the way it must be done at the very first time? Therefore, find something that is very simple to do but it must be very innovative, unique which will make you successful in your life.

Avoid non value additions in your life

There are various things that do not add to your value in life. They might be drugs, excessive use of social media, addiction to games etc. Why should you consume or practice them if they are not value adding to your life? Just move on. Life is all about adding value as much as you can. Donโ€™t waste your life for non-value additions.Above are some tips for you to practice in your journey of success and as mentioned before these might fit one person but not to another. Define your own theory of success. Make your life a dream and enjoy it while being happy.


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