A woman’s dressing preference in a corporate world, says a lot about their personality. Unless of course, your workplace has a strict dress code or a certain uniformity, your dressing style relies on your own desires and preferences. Any HR recruiter, a client, or an investor can completely judge you based on your look and attire. (If you’re an entrepreneur or a business person)

By office attire, we don’t really refer to the universal corporate dress code, but rather what suits your job role and personality. Let’s see what your office attire says about you.

Same old Attire

Do you wear the same clothes that you’ve been wearing since last year? You may be quite talented Joe in your field but if you wear old clothes you may be portrayed to the outer world as cheap or lacking the need to develop herself personally. It’s not all bad though. If you’re in a very strict workplace or in the Finance department (no offense) this wouldn’t matter at all.

No Fashion Sense Attire

If you have bad fashion sense, not only would it ruin your reputation for being bad at clothes choices. It would portray you as a crazy workaholic or a tough personality. Especially if you’re a senior executive or a manager, you’d have juniors under you who’d not really open up to you about their lives.

Pushing Boundaries Attire

Do you like wearing extremely colorful and fashionable clothes to the office? Maybe pair a sexy bombshell bra with a wide neckline red blouse and show off your curves? That’s perfectly fine if many girls in your office have embraced that fashion trend. But if you’re in a pretty close and conservative office and you want to push the boundaries a bit, it may pose a challenge. Your colleagues may judge your character to be way too forward.

Dated Attire

Are you the type of girl who loves retro vintage fashion trends? That’s wonderful, it shows how much you appreciate the culture and that you love the diversity in fashion. If your workplace has a flexible atmosphere you wouldn’t feel left out. However, if you’re honestly not someone who’s digging in the retro/vintage look, and you’re stuck somewhere in the early 2000s timeline, people would think you to be old fashion.

Conservative Attire

Different workplaces have different ambiances. For instance, a Consultation Firm would look sleek and professional. On the other hand, a Creative Agency would have a funky atmosphere. If you’re someone who works at such a casual place, yet follows many principles in dressing etiquette, you’d be considered as conservative and might not really fit in.


Nowadays, many organizations don’t really emphasize dress codes, although there are certain rules to abide by, girls pretty much have the freedom in wearing whatever they want to. So as a girl in the modern-day chose your attire wisely. Be it an interview for a job, meeting a client, or even another day at work, your dressing style would surely decide your fate.

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