If one says they’re being ‘Fashionable’, it could mean many things. In fact, being fashionable is so very diverse in the present day. Unlike back in the 70s’, when there were only a handful of styles that everyone tried to imitate, today there are varieties of fashion trends that might just be as glamorous as the designs unveiled at New York’s Fashion Week.

Although there are hundreds of designer stores across the country, picking your fashion can be hectic as finding a needle in the haystack. Especially if you’re a working woman in a conservative office environment. We feel you…

Let’s see how you can flaunt your style yet look tame in a strict office atmosphere.

Heel Choice

heels for office

Wearing heels is part of the corporate attire. But your heel choice defines you (at work of course). We recommend a height between 2 to 3 inches. Just enough to make you look fashionable at the same time not overdoing your style.


Chic Yet Tame

Although many fashionable clothing comes without sleeves, in a conservative office environment, it’s always best to have your sleeves put. This doesn’t mean you only have to shop for sleeved tops, but invest in an overcoat. Whenever you find a pretty chic sleeveless top, you can pair it with your overcoat and Voila!

Long Tops

Long Tops at a conservative office

Even if your office is not so conservative, wearing long tops are still actually comfortable. You don’t have to worry whether your panties are visible when bending over. Tucking in is your choice. If you work at a serious corporate workplace it’s best to tuck in.

Avoid Bright Shades of Red

Red is an eye-opener. If you pass by wearing red clothing, there’s no way that a person could miss noticing you. In a conservative office environment, make sure you avoid bright shades of red. And any neon colour in that matter. Unless you don’t care or do really want to stand out from the rest of the boring girls. We say go for it!


Knees-below at a conservative office

If you work at a super conservative office, your clothing must cover at least till your knees. Mini-skirts and short pencils are out of the discussion. Pants are the ideal option but hey – you have your freedom of wearing what you like. Don’t let nosy old judgments put you down. Just make sure your thighs are covered so we don’t get unnecessary attention as well.

Accessories & Makeup

Accessories & Makeup at conservative office

Accessories and make up play a significant role in completing one’s attire. We of course love pairing jewellery with our office clothing. But if you overdo your makeover, you may come out as trying too hard, and we both know that’s the last thing we would want. Just make sure you balance-out your foundation and lipstick to earring, necklace and bracelet ratio.


Working at a conservative office environment can have many pros but when it comes to women’s fashion, it sure can have its drawbacks. But if you have your fashion sense figured out, you probably have nothing to worry about!

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