Clothes are a basic essence of our society, fully evolving and civilized. It’s the one thing that does not differ nor is absent in virtually any part of the world. Our clothes become a part of us, an integral part of our identity. In other words, they portray a sense of image of the person living within us.

It’s impossible to go without clothes–even during swimming or just a good ol’ hang out with the pals on the beach, we’re clad in our swimwear. Might not be much, but eh, they’re still covering up the bare necessities. For us girls, it has a deeper meaning than just being a part of what we wear.

Clothes are very important in giving off the vibes or just giving a glimpse of our influences and interests in culture, colour, shapes, designs and even texture. Some adore silk, it’s indeed such a breathable fabric. Others prefer tops made out of cotton materials, it’s great cooling properties allows users to maintain a dry, soft feel while retaining its strength as a natural fibre composite. Viscose and polyester also represent popular clothing materials, especially in activewear, sports and travel attire.

The interesting thing is, our clothes actually says a great deal about each one of us. The clothes and shoes you adorn displays an estimate of your type of job position, spending habits, income level and also your personal emotions and personality. Some wear clothes just to fit in, not wanting to display their own feelings and emotions into what they wear outside. Many, like me, prefer to hide in baggy clothes and off size sweatshirts- simply because I just don’t want to think ahead of my outfit and sometimes, I just don’t feel comfortable in the clothes I wear.

That can tell you a lot about a person. A person who chooses to hide behind thick and heavy layers of clothing (doesn’t have to just be covered) may be feeling insecure and uncomfortable about their figure or weight size, they could even be covering up a deeper secret behind all those clothing layers. See, the interesting thing about humans is we have been on this earth, centuries upon centuries, studying and observing the trend of fashion among society yet we can’t seem to look beyond the clothes a person wear. I do believe that what we wear; is what we want others to think about us.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that what we wear is a measure of who we truly are and represent in our short cycle of life on Earth. We simply go through seasons of emotions, moods and feelings and not one of us can turn it off. I mean, we probably would if we could. It would definitely be easier to handle.

To fully portray my point, let’s take the Real Housewives TV show for example. Designer brands and signature Chanel bags used by the ladies as a status symbol shows just what a weapon our outfit suggests. When they argue, they don’t just use words, they’re using the brands and accessories as a tool to show where they stand at the hierarchy of popularity, power, rank and wealth. It’s used as an extension of fame, focusing on literally what money can buy and how to use that to advantage in comparing lifestyles within societal members.

Why does one consider blazer, tie and glossy shoes as a measure of a high-ranking job or to display success? Why does one judge a woman by the length of the skirt she wears to dinner? Is longer better or is shorter fashionable? When we walk in for an interview, why do we adorn the little black dress, blazer and black pumps? It’s an example of a classic look, one made possible through years and years of history.

But what makes the classic a classic? These are a few important questions I’m afraid there’s no straight way to answer it. On the bright side, not one piece of clothing makes a person look unsuccessful. However, if it looks like you didn’t pay enough attention or care to make your clothing work, then it comes off as a negative outlook. When choosing what to wear, choose wisely, practicality and comfortability are two big words that stand out from the other criterions. Elegance and style would be top for Coco Chanel lovers, however!

If you’re looking to create your own unique style, take all the time you need. Some people find their style early on, mainly celebrities, fashion icons and movie stars. However, if you do need an extra hand to choose a style, there are 7 different fashion styles for you to consider:

  1. Sporty (If you are a big fan of sporty clothes, you probably have a big exposure to physical activity and it conveys confidence, optimism, focus and a determination to push barriers in life.)
  2. Feminine/Girly (Covered in lace, floral prints and pastel colours, you are the vision of innocence and naïveté beauty. Plus, it also shows your composure, calm attitude and thoughtfulness.)
  3. Clean and Simple (Sometimes referred as a tomboy look, the user opts for a clean T-shirt with no frills/poof situation paired with killer jeans represents the look of modern comfort, kindness, honesty and being earnest.)
  4. Making a statement (This style doesn’t need an introduction or attention –it demands it.)
  5. Free-Spirited (Wild and flowy dresses are a big component of this fashion style, and inspires a carefree, enthusiastic, creative mind with an adventurous heart for adventure.)
  6. The trend-setter (This style caters to evolving, androgynous and extravagant pieces of clothing that makes up a look fit for the fashion stage or bust.)
  7. Homely and traditional (Think plaids, button-ups and comfy uggs. It displays a sense of resourceful, productive and energetic aura about this style!)


Humans, although constantly evolving and discovering newer places, creatures and things– we have yet to fully ponder on what’s inside of us. Maybe the brightest and biggest discovery lies within us, potentially closed off to the strangers passing by. We have to just tap into that primary source of inspiration and discover ourselves before we discover the world around us.

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