Bad and ambiguous PowerPoint presentations make it hard for you to deliver your intended message. The poor selection of color schemes, fonts, themes, designs, etc. proves to be the biggest downfall for your failed presentations. While, on the other hand, perfectly created PPT slideshows can get your message across to your targeted audience easily. Whether you are making a business presentation or any marketing one or even it is for your academic needs, everything works smoothly with a perfect PPT.

Well-crafted slideshows deliver your message without you going through any hassle. They make the overall impact of your message or agenda very strong. And best of all, a good PowerPoint presentation grabs and holds your audience from the very first slide. As a result, your message always stays there.

So, for a powerful and perfectly-created PPT, you need to use some clever hacks and tips. This article covers everything you need to know to make the perfect and impactful PowerPoint presentation.

Let’s get started!

Top Hacks To Create A Perfect Powerpoint Presentation

Don’t fail your audience with a poor slideshow. Instead, lure them to your PPT by following these useful hacks:

1. Gather and Outline Your Main Talking Points

Before you get on the Microsoft PowerPoint, put together all the main points you are going to discuss in the speech and outline the topics on which you will expand. You can also look up some engaging PPT frameworks to get a better idea.

2. Pick a Professional Template

Now that you have put together all the important content in a line, do some research and find a professional powerpoint template for your presentation.  For example, you may visit slideuplift and you will find plenty of business-winning presentation templates. You need a stunning and shining template that sits right with your presentation once you are done touching on the important aspects of your presentation.

3. Keep the Slide Design Creative

It is better to keep the slides clean and managed before you put the content on them. Pick a theme that will suit your presentation’s topic and will make your slideshow stand out and engaging.

4. Select a Bold Color Scheme

Besides theme and templates, your color palette has a significant impact on your presentation. You are recommended to use a bold color scheme as it will be even captivating for your audience. Dark colors usually catch more attention as compared to the lighter shades. So, always choose a bold color scheme for the fonts and design.

5. Prefer Consistent and Cohesive Slides throughout the Presentation

One thing that majorly puts off your audience from your slideshow is a cluttered and immature slide design that follows irregular designs differing from each other. Make your slides create some relevance together so they seem to belong with each other. Always keep the slides of your PPT cohesive and consistent that follow the same color and design theme.

6. Less Text, More Photos

Let’s first get one thing straight! Never add long and hard-to-read text on your slides. It will be hard for your audience to comprehend. The human brain can process visuals faster than texts. So, add more photos and fewer texts. You can also take advantage of mockup templates to add more creativity to your presentations. This will also convey a faster message.

7. Conclude One Story in One Slide

Another tip you can use is to put one story in one slide. Don’t overdo anything within a slide. Take help from visuals to stress upon a single story and then move to another for the next story.

8. Craft Interactive Slides

PowerPoint is a go-to platform for making the most interactive, engaging, and audience-friendly slides. Create a presentation that will keep the audience hooked on you. The website mentioned in the “Pick a Professional Template” subheading has great interactive themes. Now, it’s up to you to keep the language simple and comprehensive.

9. Add Animations and Transitions

This is just another add-on feature that is going to level up your PPT game. Make use of the right animation and put creative transitions in your PPT so it comes off as a fascinating slideshow. Transition keeps the flow well.

10. Put Texts Creatively

Creatively using texts gives your presentation a new life. Use the right color font and don’t use more than a combination of three fonts. Also, keep the texts on the white part of a slide.

That’s pretty much it, folks. PPTs play a significant role in making your message spreadable. But the condition is to always try your best in putting together well-crafted slides that make complete sense. Poor tactics can end you up in an unfortunate situation. Ponder upon the above-mentioned tricks to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation.

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