Yoga is one of the most calming and hipster meditation activities in the present day. It has become a lifestyle itself, prominently famous in the Asiatic region. Yoga in Sri Lanka has even become a USP when it comes to Tourism. It’s understandable given the highly stressful and competitive urban life we live in, the best relief we get is through relaxing activities like yoga.

As we all know, the physical benefits of Yoga are as follows; muscle strength, flexibility, ability to contain your body movements and maintaining efficient blood circulation. These benefits are quite effective as indirectly they help in reducing body fat, respiratory difficulties and cardiac-related health issues. Yoga can also help regulate bodily dysfunctions such as constipation and menstrual irregularities. However many miss out on the other side of being a Yogis.

This soothing meditation process is not just an unhealthy lifestyle-curing method, there’s a whole different understanding. It could even sound controversial to some.

The Origin

Yoga originates from ancient Sanskrit ‘Yuj’ which interprets union. It’s about how your mind comes to union with your vessel (your body). 

The spiritual side of Yoga begins with questioning the very surrounding of your body. The reason why your mind cannot find harmony within, the reason you feel so far away from your source of energy and the existence of your soul itself. It stirs up the energy within to unite your mind and body.

Opening your Spirituality

Now, this could sound a bit different, but if you want to experience the true unity of your body and mind, you’d have to let go of your body’s surroundings first. This includes hate, bad thoughts, guilt and doubt. The only thing you must believe in – is the energy that’s flowing within. Not all Yoga Gurus understands this in-depth philosophy, however, few Yoga Experts can be found in Sri Lanka who possess great knowledge.

Overcoming Negativity

Negativity is the poison of the mind. It carries on a slow death, infecting every thought of possibility and hope. Our mind often dwells between the past and future, causing worry, anticipation and ill thoughts, but properly guided Yoga helps you cleanse it all away. While Pranamayas calm down the agitated mind, Yoga is the key to relieving one’s self from social stress and negativity.

A Good Night’s Sleep

As Sri Lankans, what we all commonly suffer from – is sleep. The higher the frequency of our brains transmitting information, the higher the chances of us not getting a good night’s sleep. We are constantly on alert, being regretful of our past and anxious about our future, we simply forget our present, which is all we have right now. Getting a good night’s sleep is our fuel. Proper Yoga that consults the mind can truly help you sleep like a log.

Enlightening Happiness

Life is light. It feels light in weight and brings light as well. It’s us humans who’ve made life so complicated with theories, believes, rules and discretion. Through Yoga – life is being taught as just a part of a world that’s still unknown to the human knowledge capacity. This life is the simple start of a long journey ahead. Understanding the core of the truth with Yoga, you’d find peace and happiness within.

Creativity and Union

Life itself is an art and we are the artists. The world is our Canvas and every creation done by us is a masterpiece. Each day we fear that our existence is at stake with technology constantly developing and that we will someday be replaced. Artificial Intelligence can do wonders, but there’s always one aspect that these non-humans wouldn’t adapt. Creativity and a Mind full of energy. When this creative mind unites with a body, it could make wonders itself.

Life to the Source of Energy

Some of you may not believe, but there’s immense energy within every one of us. We are never open to a scenario in which we are required to show that energy. That energy is capable of moving mountains, understanding great wisdom and even indwelling between the realm of Life and Death. This energy in you can only be consulted by either you or a great Yoga expert.

Finding the Right Gurus in Sri Lanka

Yoga gurus in Sri Lanka are quite difficult to find. Let’s disregard commercial and tourist-oriented instructors, and look for true experts. Below are some of the most reputed Yoga instructors in Sri Lanka, who would help you find true meaning in life, and perhaps – Nirvana as well. 

Dr. Miuru Jayaweera

An Internationally certified and registered Yoga Instructor – Dr. Miuru Jayaweera practices the great combination of physical and spiritual journey supported by a combination of Iyengar and Krishnamacharya schools of Yoga.

Astanka Yoga Mandhir

Astanka Yoga Mandhir hosts various types of Yoga practices conducted by renowned Sri Lankan as well as Indian Yoga Instructors. With expertise in Hatha Yoga, Astanka Mandhir too works on uniting the mind and body.

Sri Yoga Shala

Sri Yoga Shala is a yoga retreat founded by two Sri Lankan yoga teachers, Eva & Mahendra in 2015. They are located in southern Sri Lanka and this is a great place to have a clam yoga and meditation experience for locals as well as the tourists.

Sivananda Yoga

This institution focuses more on the Spiritual well-being which in-return helps improve physical well-being. Touching a rather different point of understanding, Sivananda Yoga works on changing the system of worldly expectations.

Apart from the above, there are many more budding Yoga Instructors who would also be of great help and understanding. So make sure to do your research and find your Yoga Guru approximate to your house as travelling long distances for sessions could drain you completely.


Just remember, Yoga is not meditation and is far beyond some exotic body movements. See whether your instructor helps you bond with your mind and not just focus on flexing. Understanding the art of Yoga can pose difficult at first, but give it a go and bring out that limitless energy that’s caged within you. Life would be all under control even through obstacles and a settled mind would help you make wise decisions at any given stressful moment.

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