Is this real? Do you need to be super flexible to do yoga?

Of Course, NOT!

All you need is your wish… Everything else will happen during your practice. Blessed are the stiff. Why because they represent the majority of the population

Yoga AsanaMany people are overweight, out of shape, and permanently stressed. Does that mean that they don’t enjoy the wonderful benefits that yoga can bring Of course not? In fact, it means they deserve it more. All beings everywhere just want to be happy, and yoga gives them at least a fighting chance.

Yoga helps you to live with more calmness and equanimity, to be kinder and more thoughtful in my relationships, to not be quite as neurotic, and to deal with the constant stream of envy, self-doubt, disappointment, and anxiety that makes up the mental stuff of an ordinary human day.

Yoga PracticeYoga teaches us to deal with whatever arises in our lives, no matter how distracting and uncomfortable. But it also teaches us that all external things are impermanent, and will eventually fade. That hideous smell will be replaced by something more floral. A good meal often follows a bad one. Moods shift like the tides. Something will change because everything always does.

It’s the ultimate yoga cliché, but it bears constant repetition of the physical aspects of our practice are some of the least important. The internal forms matter a lot more. Listen to the sounds of the day while you practice. Observe how they change. Watch the reflected sunlight flicker on the wall. Feel a deep sense of peace and calm.

We always have everything we need in the present moment!