A condition where joints of human anatomy cause pain and inflammation is identified as Arthritis. Despite the higher concentration of the disease prevailed amongst the elderly, it generally affects people of all ages including children. Studies also prove Arthritis to be commonly found between the ages of 40 and 60 and especially more in women than men. It is a disease millions of people in the US and UK are generally affected with. Arthritis occurs as a result of the reduction in the regular amount of cartilage in tissues that support the steadiness of the joint and anatomy. Clear identification of root end causes of arthritis and taking precautionary measures at an early stage in life helps an individual for successful arthritis care.

Amongst the various types of Arthritis seen, most common three are; Osteoarthritis which is caused due to overuse of joints, weight problems and joint injuries, commonly known amongst the elderly community. Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease, where the human body gets attacked by the immune system. Also, Psoriatic Arthritis affects the skin and joints causing patchy eruptions in the skin leading to swelling toes and fingers. Main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness that causes problems in moving the joints. Whilst some encounter crackling sound as they move the joints. The severity of arthritis varies from person to person, as for some this pain may come and go whilst for another, it could be a continuous complaint occurrence as they grow older. Arthritis is caused mainly due to age factor, joint injuries, family history and obesity. The Arthritis Foundation has published explicit self-management techniques to deal with Arthritis in their website that range of keeping a track of pain occurrence moments, tackling fatigue, improving sleep, use of involving with exercises, the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, more considerably how to manage the emotional impact caused due to the disease. Arthritis is a disease generally known to have no long term cure, however, prevention at an early stage to minimise regrets in the future is a practice everyone needs to follow. Involvement with regular exercises keeps the joints of the body intact and movement prevents decaying of the tissue composition. Simultaneously being more concerned if youโ€™re on the side more towards obesity, arthritis could be a welcoming future disease if a precautionary weight loss plan is implemented.

Arthritis is a disease that is caused by the carelessness of the posture we follow daily at our homes, offices and places we visit regularly and in the tasks we perform daily. Being seated with a straight spine angle helps a person to avoid long term spinal pain. Also taking regular breaks between longer seated working hours is necessary. Therefore avoid slouching on a chair, sticking your bottom out as you stand, or stand with a flat back, leaning on one leg, hunched back posture mostly used for testing in order to prevent longer-term arthritis confusions. Such incorrect postures cause stiffness in the chest, joints and other parts of the body that causes severe pain when continued on a longer time basis.

Second most cure for arthritis is the importance of consuming a healthy and balanced diet. As we read about this widely discussed balanced diet topic eating fruits and vegetables stand top as it always has been. For arthritis having five portions of fruits and veggies is recommended. Especially vegetables rich in terms of inflammatory properties such as Moringa & Okra that helps strengthen the cartilage tissues in muscles and joints. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lime, and grapefruit are a great source to maintain healthy joints thus preventing arthritis. Adding to a balanced diet are beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins. Consumption of dairy in terms of alternatives such as Soya is helpful. Increasing the fluid intake especially in terms of good water rejuvenates your human system and keeps away the harmful viruses. The balanced diet meal should be mostly based on starchy components made up of wholegrain and whole-wheat based bread, pasta and rice. An especial identification of consuming Omega 3 fatty acids that are mostly found in fish is a great source to prevent arthritis, hence it is advised for such patients to increase the intake of fish to at least three times a week. Avoid intake of higher sugar and salt content, gluten-containing foods, alcohol, processed and red meats. Furthermore, smoking is a dangerous habit that triggers arthritis.

Dealing with arthritis seems achievable with a positive mindset and changes lifestyle patterns. Walking and stretching are two major useful types of exercises to practice daily to prevent prolonged periods of pain caused due to arthritis. Simultaneously involving aquatic exercise such as swimming reduces body fat, increases mood and quality of life alongside coordination. The hot and cold therapy relieves the stiffness and pain in joints encountered with arthritis. Other forms of remedies to prevent this disease are yoga, tai chi, mindful meditation, acupuncture and massage. These remedies balance the mind and activate the relaxed and happy hormones in the body.

Arthritis has become a common cause of medicinal matters to combat by individuals due to the irresponsible lifestyle all of us have followed over the years. With the increasing convenience to do everything from meal preparation to physical movement, the fundamental nature of human bodies has been reversed. However, as such severe health conditions threaten the wellbeing of mankind nowadays re looking at how things were done is considerably important. We are more convenient for consuming processed food or delivery from food delivery services despite putting efforts to prepare a healthy meal. Also would hail a taxi to travel even a 5km distance without walking. The strict schedules of peopleโ€™s lives have pushed them towards such limitations. Therefore such lifestyle habits have proved negative results for the entire world in terms of all aspects. Therefore adjusting to a lifestyle that supports the overall well-being of the activeness of the human body is the main arthritis care that could be followed by individuals.

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