Too many people do not get enough sleep at night. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Nearly 35% of people get less than seven hours of sleep per night, and while the reasons vary, stress is the common denominator for the lack of sleep. While many people look to the best bicycles for men or womenโ€™s hybrid bikes to increase their activity and decrease their stress levels for a better night’s rest, there are several ways to improve not only the length of sleep you get but the quality.

1. Exercise

While doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity, most people do not take part. If you are not exercising enough, then your body builds up excess energy, making it difficult to sleep. Buying a menโ€™s or womenโ€™s bicycle is an excellent place to start, but if you do not use it, why spend the money? If you want better sleep, make a promise to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. A grueling workout is unnecessary; you can choose instead to walk or hike, pick something you enjoy.

2. Healthy Diet

As with most biological problems, a healthy diet is a cure. Eating healthy and on a schedule can help you sleep. Many people are fast-food junkies because of the convenience, but all that greasy takeout leads to digestive issues, including heartburn and nausea, which can keep you up all night, especially when you eat only two or three hours before bed. Do yourself a favor and avoid the takeout when it’s close to bedtime. If you must eat, choose a healthy snack, like fruits or vegetables.

3. Meditation

With crowded personal schedules and overburdened work schedules, it is no wonder most people stress out. Unfortunately, stress leads to worry and panic, which often cause restless nights. While there is no quick fix to removing stress from your life, consider meditation as a helpful reliever. Simple breathing exercises are useful, but if you do not feel comfortable with meditation, find an activity that allows you to wind down at least an hour before bed.

4. Light Therapy

Did you know that exposure to plenty of sunlight during the day can help you sleep at night? Did you also know that limiting screen time at night can improve the quality of your sleep? Too many people stay in a drab office all day, only to go home and sit in front of screens; this unfortunate combination leads to poor sleep. Instead of continuing the cycle, consider going outside for your lunch break, or taking a bike ride after work. Feel the sun on your face during the day, so when you hit the pillow, you can fall asleep faster.

5. Sleep Rituals

Another common issue with congested daily schedules is the lack of a sleep ritual. Defining a sleep pattern will help you rest easier. Start going to bed at a specific time and setting the alarm for a consistent time in the morning.

While all the suggestions above will help you sleep better, exercise is probably the best suggestion. However, instead of dreading it, try buying a bike and going for a ride every day after work.

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