Let’s be real, back in the day we could imagine how difficult it would’ve been to hail a taxi. Given the number of phone calls you need to take to check availability, the reach and waiting impatiently to get a call back, just to be informed there aren’t no vehicles in your area right now. Especially at an emergency. The hassle is crazy.

Luckily, Online Taxi booking apps like Uber, has taken over the decade, and it has truly done a great deal to the transportation system. The digitalization of taxi booking has so many pros, and if you’re still not convinced with this technology, you better check this out!

1. Time Saver

As you would know, calling out a taxi the traditional way costs so much time. Such as waiting in line until you’ve been transferred to the individual representative, or just waiting in line to be cut off. Online apps like Uber makes it simple and less time consuming. Whenever you want a taxi, you could hail one in an instant. It helps you save a lot of time too.

2. Anytime, Anywhere

Many taxi companies operate in a vicinity of a city or two, and mostly closes operations by the early night. Having a taxi app helps you get a ride wherever you are whenever you want based on the available rider who picks up. Although sometimes we find it hard to look for riders at midnight, it’s never a zero.

3. Choice of Transport

When it comes to a taxi company, it’s always a taxi car or a van and some companies only handle taxi cars, the customer pretty-much has no choice over the vehicle. But online apps have digitalized to provide customers the freedom of choosing their category from Tuks, to most recently bikes and even premier. UberLux by Uber provides a set of luxury cars if you need that little high end flair when you arrive at a destination.

4. Cashless convenience

We all know in which case this would come in good use, Yes, hailing a taxi for your drunk buddy! Or even for someone who needs you to book them a taxi, you could simply add a card and pay by a click once the ride is done. This is one of the greatest advantages of online taxi booking, cause not all the time do we have change money or money – in that matter – wherever we go.

5. Safety and Professional Services

Many of us – the millennial – prefer less chatter on a ride. Of course, we don’t want to disclose personal information to a complete stranger or talk in the first place. We’ve seen enough danger so safety and professionalism comes first. While taxi companies usually guarantee this safety, the biggest worry of an online taxi booking app is the security. It’s reasonable, but apps like Uber have an SOS button, which is great cause if in case of a suspicious situation (which is very rare), we could always call out for help.

6. GPS Tracking

One of this decade’s greatest deeds, GPS. Liars are caught red-handed with this tracking system. Typical taxi companies usually would give our contact number to the rider and once he reaches he would contact us, and sometimes they never call, and you would wait until you’re done with waiting to step outside to see your rider chilling on his own. Online tracking systems have this feature in which you could track your rider arriving to you in real-time.

7. Trip Cancellation

Usually, when you hail a taxi from a taxi company, and they confirm it, you can’t cancel it. Even if you’re forced to do, you’d feel guilty knowing what you did. Online Taxi booking makes it fair for both rider and passenger in a case of Cancellation. If you cancel a booking after the mentioned grace time, you are charged and vice versa for the rider with reviews. That way customers as well as riders are secured.

8. Get Rewards

Online taxi booking has far more benefits than one could ever imagine. Going beyond taxi riding, both passengers and riders can earn reward points. Especially on Uber, according to the reward points, frequency of use and loyalty you would be considered as Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond members, which opens up more benefits like flexible cancellation, discounts etc.

9. Easy accessible

Online apps of digital taxi booking makes it easy for passengers as well as riders. Traditional taxi companies would require time and there might be too many obstacles. If you have a phone with location coverage and data, you could access the app and call yourself a ride simply like that, even with no cash.

10. Transparency in Price

Most traditional taxi companies have a set price for each ride or distance. There’s no arguing or bargaining in the price as well as no meter to check whether the rate is accurate. Hence why the distance is metered and tracked. That way, no matter where you go, considering the traffic and route for the destination, the pricing is metered fairly and transparently.

11. Getting items back

One of the key fears of travelling in a taxis is forgetting something valuable. On public transport we are very much careful, but in a hailed taxi we simply forget stuff. If you lose something on a taxi back in the day, it might as well be forgotten, cause you’re never getting it back. But with the online digitalization, if you left a valuable item in a taxi, you could always contact the rider and inquire about it.

So there you go? These just some of the benefits of Online Taxi booking. There are way more advantages. All you have to do is find one, install an app and try it. The services are amazing!

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