Every once in a while, we’re all guilty of allowing ourselves to become overworked, undernourished and overstressed. Work can take its toll; sleep becomes harder to grasp; the gym pulls a muscle, and our mental well-being begins to suffer. All of the above can become hard to handle when we simply cannot afford to slow down – regardless of what our body is telling us through its creaks and groans. Simply, our lifestyles are too important.

There are ways, however, to prevent such mental fatigue and brain drain; all without limiting your social life, taking a couple of duvet days or missing a session at the gym. Recuperating doesn’t have to mean giving up your well-maintained life and style. This is how you can combat brain fatigue.

Focus on Important Activities

We want to crown ourselves king or queen of everything, however, spreading yourself too thin means you won’t be a jack-of-all-trades; instead, you’ll be overtired and won’t have attained the important information. Therefore, it’s wise for you to decide which activities you’re most interested in and focus your attentions on those. Once you’ve mastered them, consider moving onto the next challenge.

You should also bring this mindset to work. Instead of multitasking, make sure to focus on and complete one task at a time. This will improve your results as well as your productivity. For example, check your emails in the morning and create a list of all the tasks you have to complete for the end of the day. If any new tasks appear, see where you can place them in your checklist for the day.

Supplement Your Lifestyle

Your brain fatigue may be because you’re simply not getting enough nutrients, and this is simple enough to overcome. If you go to the gym every day, then you need to ensure your body is well supplemented through diet and vitamins. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle, ensuring you buy the right supplements can be difficult. The Alpha Society can take such matters out of your hands – they can send you a box of supplements to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Therefore, all you have to do is continue lifting weights and eating healthily. Ensure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables; include whole grains and fiber, and drink plenty of water.

Switch Off

Be kind to your eyes; after all, they do a lot, and after staring at a computer screen for the whole day, it may be time to give the TV a rest and put your phone away. Resting your eyes does not mean you cannot do anything, it just means putting away or switching off your electronics. Not only can it make you tired, but it can also ruin your night’s sleep.

Instead, hit the gym, read a book, cook or meet up with friends. Go to a pub quiz, check out those novels you were itching to read, or simply have an early night. Your phone and your messages will still be there the next morning; it’s good for your health to take a break every once in a while.

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