We are living in exciting times where never before has our country and society been so conscious about health and fitness like now. In the last decade, fitness has taken a whole different meaning and more so for women. With the amount of information available around, it’s difficult to not board the fitness wagon. As with everything in the 21st century, there are options galore even when it comes to choosing your source of adrenaline and women too are killing it whether its running , weightlifting, body pumping, aerial yoga, pilates or the good old yoga. Now each of them have their own benefits and one can choose what suits their personal idea of fitness. But it has been established time and again that our traditional fitness philosophy that resides in yoga clearly overrides most other modern fitness philosophies.

Yoga is the only form of exercise that uses the body’s form and energy to make it better. it works on all levels of our mental and physical being. It uses the body’s own weight and demands a lot of focus while practicing. And how does one bring focus? That can come only when we have control over our thoughts and are able to give them direction. And hence I say that yoga works on our mental health as well. One of the myths that yoga has also helped in busting that females should not exercise during their menstrual cycle. On the contrary regular practice of yoga helps women in regulating their cycle as the hormones come in rhythm and tandem with the body. The Sustained and disciplined practice of yoga helps in managing those painful and crampy days without piling on the calories that chocolate cake and coffee offer J . Yoga asanas work not only on the muscles but also on organs like the thyroid and hypothalamus – the masterminds of the human body. Once these are given their due to right exercise and the good diet, overall maintenance of health becomes second nature and the body also starts appreciating the efforts. It has also been observed that the mood swings are also more manageable if the hormones are not all over the place. So the next time you are nearing your cycle, instead of cuddling up in bed, spread that mat out and practice some soothing asanas- your muscles will thank you and those hormones will be smiling right back at you!!!


Now all the moms would be raising their brows and saying that all this is good unless you have made a human body inside of you and gone through that unimaginable & unparalleled experience called childbirth. Well, mommies, you have an even stronger reason to get your yoga mats dusted and cleaned, because the most sure shot way of returning the displaced organs and untamed hormones back to where there belong -is the good old yoga. There is a pace that yoga follows which is of immense relevance as the female body recovers. Slowly and gradually with some specific asanas, the body starts regaining its strength and stamina. And can I share a little secret? Diligent practice of core-related yogas asanas can definitely help you get rid of the much-hated baby pouch!!! (motivation enough J )

Exercise is not just the body working out, it is also the brain getting its energy refueling. Women are known to be emotionally more alive than men. This is what differentiates us from our partner gender J Yoga asanas have this incredible ability to help channelize emotions. The mechanics of a yoga asana involves wholehearted tango of the mind and the heart and as your practice advances, you will see how you inevitably start managing your emotions better.

And last but not the least, who does not like a toned body that gives you the pleasure of indulging in some feel-good factor.

All this and much more can be achieved in the privacy of your home, the freshness of your park or the confines of your gym. So, put on a pair of comfortable clothes and get started. You will be starting a love affair that will last a lifetime …

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