Maintaining a healthy life does not only include consuming nutritious food. A healthy lifestyle requires proper sleep, sufficient water and fitness as well. Some researchers even believe that maintaining daily fitness and exercises can make you live comparatively longer than those who don’t follow fitness rituals.

Some of us are influenced by the hype to join a gym, just for the sake of it. We throw away hundreds and thousands of fee money at hopeless gyms which focuses on bodybuilding for aesthetic but barely trains one to lead a healthy life. CrossFit Ceylon, on the other hand, is one of the few fitness regimes in Sri Lanka that would actually look into your requirement before training you.

Renowned fitness centres such as military gymnasiums and CrossFit Ceylon focuses on the very basics of healthy living. These include tracking your food consumption, pushing you beyond your boundaries, and helping you take control of your own mind and body over time. If you feel healthy living with fitness is just a sham, take a look at the benefits of fitness for healthy living.

Helps with depression and anxiety

We all know that exercise helps our physical health, but many of us didn’t really believe that it could genuinely improve mental and emotional stability. A recent study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explains that a 15 minutes-run a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of depression by 26%.

Fitness activity patterns help the growth of brain neural which releases endorphins that energize feel-good spirits and calmness. If you suffer from anxiety, daily exercise training could surely improve your wellbeing.

Controls blood pressure

For young souls like us, this may seem the last thing of our probable illnesses. Blood pressure is a common sickness among obese people and those above thirty-five years. The most concerning factor is that this age limit keeps coming down. Our youth’s lack of healthy food consumption and proper fitness is the only reason for high blood pressure and strokes. Understanding this major problem in the society, CrossFit Ceylon has planned their workout sessions accordingly to eliminate this issue.

Boosts energy

Long hours in the office desk, dehydrated by the AC, we understand how your hours would pass by a haze. By the end of the day, you’re at your lowest energy bar to even think of extracurricular activities. This unhealthy habit can be broken by a good exercise routine. At the end of each day or chores, head over to a simulating fitness centre like CrossFit Ceylon and make use of your idling muscles. This energy is not just for a couple of hours, it’ll last for days if you maintain consistency.

Promotes undisturbed sleep

Sleep is one most crucial functions of the body that helps the brain to relax and revitalize. Studies even conclude that proper sleep can help prevent cancer such as breast and colon cancers. Ample exercise is a simulation which makes use of every nerve and muscle in your body. When the body gets tired, automatically it needs sleep. So if you have sleeping disorders, irregular sleeping patterns or sleep apnea, try regular fitness routine. However, make sure not to do exercise too close to your sleeping time, because you’d be wide awake after that.

Controls weight

This is one of the most primary advantages of exercise. Obesity has become one of the most critical health issues in today’s world. The fast-food culture and lack of exercise are solely to blame. You may not be going through weight-gain, but there is an 80% chance that you could someday. If you are finding it hard to control your daily food intake, CrossFit Ceylon would help you get back on the fitness cycle with proper training and guidance.

Better Sex life

If you’re in the ‘game’, exercise is proved to bring the spark back into your intimate life. Not only does it help you get into good shape, but also enhances your stamina, flexibility and durability. Regular fitness activities tend to improve energy levels that are involved with confidence and appearances. Studies indicate that men who do regular exercise are less likely to have erectile dysfunction and other related issues.

Body Balance

If you think that body balance is all about losing weight, you’re wrong. A balanced body is all you need for a healthy life. This means a balance in all aspects such as food consumption, emotional strength and flexibility. Fitness would introduce you to various body balancing techniques like Yoga, dance fit etc. This technique is not a guarantee to burn calories, in fact, it doesn’t burn calories at all. One would find peace and a calming sense while learning body balancing.

However, calories are something that not only linked with weight gain and obesity, but even they are crucial for human body. So, simply use best calorie calculator to track your daily calories need to lose, gain, or maintain weight!

Breakaway from addiction

If you’re a smoker looking to quit or someone going through a phase of addiction, fitness can pull you out of these habits. Routine exercise would reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms and would keep you distracted from the need. Quitting smoking is not an easy task as many tend to gain weight. However, fitness would help maintain your figure as you go through this period.

Building Social Skills

A confidence body is always a thriving one. Exercise and fitness can maintain a positive social life. Especially if you’re in a gym like CrossFit Ceylon where the rest of the workout regime has similar social connections like you. You’d meet individuals who enjoy outdoor activities, and would make your fitness experience – an overall fun one!

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is consistency. Every task requires this. Anyone can start off, but it takes a truly determined mind to keep it going. Buddies would call you up to register with gyms around the city, but don’t follow blindly. Look for a fitness expert like CrossFit Ceylon if you’re a starter or have no clue about fitness in that case. Maintain consistency, and you’d be surprised how you’re life changes right in front of your eyes.

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