Since the recent past, Fitness has become one of the most trending activities of all time. The reasons are quite convincing too. According to being physically fit can prevent or minimize complications from chronic diseases. It’s proven to benefit many with life-threatening illnesses like Obesity, and for those who don’t necessarily follow a healthy diet. 

Although Obesity is not a threatening illness in Sri Lanka (a study in 2018 shows only 9.2% of adults suffer from obesity), there’s always the possibility of the numbers going up. Unhealthy lifestyles greatly affect the human body’s life-span. The food you eat, the thoughts you feed your mind as well as fitness. Let’s be real, as much as healthy food matters to us Lankans, we never really would give attention to Physical fitness that comes all in all. One can convince himself/herself to take a quick evening run to burn up the calories of the early lunch Big Mac, believe us, it won’t do you any good!

Especially if there’s a wedding coming up, an important event or even a holiday, staying fit would help you greatly. However, If you’re diets are bogus and you’re body yearns for massive amounts of sugar, proteins and carbs time to time (understandable for girls), you may need a strict instructor and a proper plan to stick to.

Listed below are some of the best gyms in Sri Lanka. If you’re confused which places would suit your requirement, take a read and pick your favourite.

CrossFit Ceylon

Located in Colombo 2, CrossFit Ceylon is one of the best Gyms in Colombo. The instructors are known to be extremely helpful, the charges seem to be quite reasonable and the whole intense atmosphere brings out the motivational hustle-vibe. Membership fees start from LKR 15,000 upwards. If you’re not really sure about continuing or you want to just test few places before actually buying the membership, you could try CrossFit for a day for a day’s price and see whether the push is your type.

High Octane

Based in Nugegoda, High Octane Fitness is known amongst fitness people as one of the most premium gyms in Colombo. Unlike many other gyms, High Octane focuses more on the art of fitness and staying healthy. They also excel in Spin and Dance Fit instructing, so if you like to get your body into a rhythm, High Octane would be ideal. Membership prices start from LKR 15,000 upwards. 

Body by Kris

Once again, located in Nugegoda, Body by Kris is one of a kind. It preserves a rustic kind of artistically elite appearance with a homely atmosphere. The instructors are impressive and if you’re the type who avoids big crowds and hustle bustles at gyms, Body by Kris is just for you. Membership fees start from LKR 10,000 upwards.

Power World

Here’s the most affordable one if you’re running low on budgets but still care about your physical status. Power World Gyms are one of the most recognized fitness hubs in Colombo, they have quite a lot of branches in and around the city as well as in India. They mostly target corporates and those who are usually busy during daytime and cannot afford to lose a weekend at a gym. They could drop in here towards night and get the lost energy recharged. Membership fees for ladies are LKR 8,900 and for gents, LKR 14,700 in all branches. 

Body Bar

Located in Colombo 5, Body Bar is an elite, chic fitness center with well-maintained and up-to standard studios and instructors. They also host yoga and dance classes which are widely known amongst the ladies. Other activities include Self-defense, Karate, Tai Chi and kick boxing etc. There group fitness activities are quite useful and if you just want to try out, day passes are available from LKR 1, 500 upwards. 

Multifit Gym

This is for those who really want to lose weight or build the body. Multifit is located in Colombo 10 and is quite downright with their whole service. The location is convenient, the prices are extremely cheap compared to all the rest in our list and if you’re a little broke, this is the option for you. Membership prices start from LKR 3,750 upwards. 

Marine Fitness

Marine Fitness is based in Wellawatte, Colombo 6. The training facilities may not be the best but it’s ideal if you just have one goal in your mind. Either to reduce weight or gain some in packs. A lot like Multifit, Marine Fitness too is quite reasonable in prices. Membership starts from LKR 3,000 upwards.

Get You Fit Gym

Located in Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4, Get You Fit is an equipped gym in the heart of the city at the same time affordable for anyone. The instructors are supportive and the outer vibes cater up to the name itself. If you’re around the area, you can visit for a look. Membership prices start from LKR 5,000 upwards. 

Sky Fitness at Movenpick

Who can deny that hotels have the best gyms with wonderful views? Many hotels have their fitness centers on the highest floor, if not, towards the upper. Sky Fitness at the Movenpick Hotel Colombo overlooks the Indian Ocean, its 24 hour state-of-the-art atmosphere and the clear glass walls make the studio look extra captivating. The machines are well-maintained and if you’re hungry, you could head down and grab a snack from their coffee shop. Like any hotel, Sky Fitness is quite expensive. Membership prices start from LKR 60,000 upwards. 

Zero Xcuses

Zero Xcuses is a newly opened fitness centre in Kotte. The gym preserves a western-vibe and is equipped with brand new machinery. The instructors are said to be quite supportive and they also opened the first professional MMA Octagon in Sri Lanka. 


Thinking about changing your mind and switching to a fitness lifestyle? It’s never too late! Fitness is key to healthy living so get the best out of your energy and invest it on something useful that would help both your mind and body.

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