Being a 21st-century youth, fast food – for us – comes next to divinity. We don’t fancy eating those blunt unseasoned vegetables, the same old home-cooked rice and curry and besides, fast food has all the nutrients we need to run the day, such as proteins and carbs. However, Fast Food can be a devil in disguise, it makes you addicted to it, but we enjoy it, don’t we?

Nowadays fast food stores believe in a healthier lifestyle, and nutritious eating. Especially in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo, where traditional cuisine influences the International gourmet and even dominates the taste buds of renowned food experts and critics, you can easily find exceptional MasterChef-worthy dishes hidden within the well-known walls of fast-food restaurants Let’s take a look. 

The Super Charger

Consisting of chargrilled chicken breast, melted cheddar, chicken bacon, mashed avocado, Dijon mustard, salad, and special sauces, Street Burger’s Super Charger is one of our all-time favourites and does not fail to satisfy us with the unusual yet healthy flavour combination. They also serve other mouthwatering burgers with peculiar names such as High Voltage and Fire Bolt. Yep, ready to flame your appetite. 

The Prawn Craze

Name a seafood and if Prawns don’t pop in your head, you may not be a foodie after all. When there’s a place where you can make your own Prawn dish, you may not need a high-end restaurant experience anymore. Isso’s menu is customizable where you get to pick your preference of Prawn size, the style it’s cooked, and the accompanying carb. So you could easily go with your heart’s desire and enjoy the meal ‘restaurant-style’! Even if it didn’t really work out, you could simply pick a different combination. 

The Big Boss

Living up to its name, the Big Boss sure is a major creation in the Kentucky Fried Chicken World. This burger is layered beautifully with a crispy succulent spicy chicken then a hearty slice of cheese, which is topped with an evenly grilled chicken, onions, and salads. This Spicy chicken Sri Lankan specialty is a world-winner. It’s filled up with whole goodness, healthy proteins, and admirable flavour. The KFC chicken bucket is a universal favourite enjoyed by all of us but the Big Boss is sure to top up your list as its healthy, filling, and reasonable for the amount. 

Nai Miris Pizza

The Great Dogfather’s creation, Nai Miris is an extremely hot and flavousome Pizza found only at Arthur’s Pizzeria. The chili that’s been used for this magical pizza is authentically grown in Sri Lanka, which makes the ultimate recipe unique, lovable and So Sri Lankan.  It comes with an extra hot sauce that would make the spiciness double up. It’s generously topped with herbs and the crust is quite thin than regular pizzas found in Sri Lanka. 

Chili Chicken Cheese Burger

We still can’t get over the King – Clown jokes, but the Chili Chicken Cheese Burger is exceptionally royal. It’s relatively small in size but has a patty inside that consists of a chili mixed cheese paste resembling the Lankan-favourite Kochchi Ball. This is one of Burger King’s most trending, delicious yet one of the cheapest burgers of such quality found in Colombo. If you want to dine like a King for a budget price, grab yourself a Chili Chicken Cheese Burger. 

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Healthy food takes many forms and sizes. Be it a six-inch, nine-inch, or a twelve-inch, the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich is the real deal! It’s succulent, juicy, and well-seasoned. Subway has the choice where you could add as much add-ons as you wish and different types of sauces too. Prepare it your way and it would be just up to your standard. One tip for a mind-blowing sandwich, get all the add-ons, it’ll surely be a flavour bomb. 

Mighty Meaty

This delicious pizza is topped with Texas BBQ Chicken, mutton, sausage chunks, tandoori chicken, bell peppers, cheese, olives, and all things Italian fusion. It truly is mighty and let’s be real, meaty too. If you are a meat lover, this would be ideal. Domino’s Pizza crust has always been adored for its ideal size and the generous portions of toppings make it the perfect go-to place for a satisfying meal. Who would even guess it to be a fast-food option? 


The all-time-favourite Clown has been an icon of fast food in Sri Lanka for decades. Ever since kids, passing by a McDonalds we’d adoringly stare at it hoping our parents would take us. Not only does it has a play area, the kid’s meal was a winner (The toys were basic, but we loved them). McSpicy Chicken Burger is something we’d not expect to find at a master-patty place, but being honest – they’ve mastered it. This crispy yet amazingly spicy burger is so tantalizing you’d be in between the flavour worlds of KFC and Burger King. Let them all make a truce. 

Cheese Kottu

Kottu is an authentic Sri Lankan original when it comes to filling and yummy fast food options. It’s found all over the country and is a 100% flavour bomb. It comprises of finely chopped rotti, veggies, spices, chili, and a protein of your choice. However, the Cheese Kottu is a fusion version, which is mastered by – of course – Pilawoos, you could pick any of their outlets in Colombo as one cannot point out the best spot. Their Kottu has a texture that is smooth and gives out a generous portion for the price, and above all, it oozes out cream cheese with every bite you take. Even the thought of it is so salivating

So here we go! Ready for a scavenger eat hunt on the roads of Colombo or do you need some warm satisfying food-y comfort at home? Try one of the above if you haven’t. It’s sure to blow your mind!

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