The most profound transformations in life are the ones that turn your world upside down. Inversions Yoga, or upside down poses where the heart is above the head, are literally about turning around the tolls taken by the gravity of life on both a mental and physical front.

They Sharpen The Mind Into An Edge For A Joyful, Directed and Productive Life

In the personal aspect, mastering these scary poses replaces the fear of the unknown with confidence and the ability to thrive in it, expanding the tolerance of, and enriching your mental experience. Itโ€™s a fresh new angle that incites bravery and new life perspectives, decompresses your mood to heightened joys and rejuvenates mental power by reversing gravity, letting vital fluids normally inclined towards the feet, seep down into the brain for cleansing, stimulation and enhancement.

Revitalizes Unattended Bodily Regions. Re-aligns, Balances and Strengthens The Body.

The body benefits center also around essential fluids flowing from the overturned lower body down into the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, into areas that werenโ€™t easily flowed into before. Upper organs such as the heart and lungs are able to absorb needed nutrients with less effort, giving them a break and improved biological attention. With these upside down yoga poses, the natural direction of circulation must now flow upstream against reversed gravity, which stimulates and strengthens them, resulting in immune system, blood circulation, hormonal and nerve advancements. These inversion yoga poses are also grand achievements in strength, balance, coordination, endurance and spinal re-alignment of a new order.

Head and Shoulder Stands Offer A Healthy Spectrum of The Inversion Benefits 

The inversion poses are considered to be the most enlightened and are literally a 180 degree epiphany into wellness. Itโ€™s why the two foremost inversion poses, the shoulder and head stands are considered to be the Queen and King of Asanas (poses). They both offer tremendous help with mental, physical and spiritual health, and hereโ€™s how:

Yoga Head Stand (Sirsasana)

Mentally, holding this pose requires will power and a sharp focus, developing the masculine parts of the brain. The influx of blood coming down to vitalize and cleanse the brain, powers greater thinking efficiency, clarity, alertness and a nourishing level of calm and ease. Itโ€™s also a great mediator against sleep loss and memory deficiency. The spiritual growth associated with mastering this pose is safe conquering of disconcerting fears and unfamiliar situations and assertion of confidence.

Reverse gravity brings blood and endocrine fluids as well as other flowing nutrients to cleanse organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines and reproductive systems and pulls them out of their contractions brought by the pull of the earth, which promotes their circulation and resolves a number of related issues including constipation, coughs, tonsillitis, bad breath and palpitations, asthma, hay fever, diabetes, headaches and menopausal imbalance. The king pose is a beautiful way to tone the abdomen and legs, strengthen the shoulders, arms , spine and neck, reduce muscle stress and open up the body to sounder breathing.

Yoga Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

The Yoga shoulder stand is one of the most nurturing poses, being a cure for most common ills and rightfully known as the mother of Asanas. Its main selling point is the ease it brings through soothing blood supplies flowing into the body, relaxing you into a peaceful, joyous and strengthened mindset, perfect for when youโ€™re upset, tired, irritated or restless. The pose naturally overtime improves tolerance against stress, bad temper and nervous tendencies.

The flooding nutrients distributes over hormonal related glands, improving the natural drives and functions of the body. Whereas the head stand is inclined towards the brain, the shoulder stand balances the brain and body in a nutritiously even manner and heightens chest and head circulation. The affect deals with common colds and other nasal disturbances, headaches, breathlessness, palpitation, asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, low vitality, nerve disturbances and anemia. The stretching also healthily opens the abdominal region and helps with stomach aches and ulcers. By holding this angelic pose, youโ€™ll bring vigor to your body, leg, abdominal muscles, widen the chest and get a redefining stretch of the neck, shoulders and back.

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