A hoverboard is basically a form of personal transport that has become hugely popular due to the many YouTube and Facebook advertisements. Young kids and even adults love using them as it does seem to some like a really cool way of floating safely. Hoverboards have this self-balancing mechanism that presents humans with an alternative method of driving, walking, and biking. It actually looks interesting and gives us a great recreational purpose for using it even at home or outdoors.

In this article, I would like to discuss the 5 best hoverboards that are available, but the first place goes to the Jetson V8 Hoverboard which is the fastest and the most sought after one among them all.

The Jetson V8 Hoverboard

This comes in as one of the fastest and best hoverboards in the market now which is why itโ€™s very popular among consumers. People who had bought it claim that it is the safest and most versatile as it can be used on various surfaces. It is built tougher than most other hoverboards and weighs in a whopping 35 pounds, which is comparatively heavy in the hoverboard world. This comes under a certified guaranteeing safety, where it comprises of a great balance mechanism. It is built sturdier than the rest, which is why it gets the best pick out of them all.

  • Can withstand a weight of 200 pounds
  • 3 modes of speed
  • Great balance mechanism
  • Downloadable app that synchronises your speed and location
  • Music can be played through Bluetooth adapter


  • Can reach speed levels of up to 15 MPH
  • Dedicated Smartphone app called โ€˜โ€™Jetson Ride Readyโ€™โ€™
  • Speed levels that can be controlled
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • Smart battery management system

Power board PowerOnBoard 15005

This hoverboard is the initial design that was prevalent everywhere in the beginning. It consists of rounded classic wheel guards that measure in at 6.5 inches in diameter. The wheels are made using a rubber material that is durable and wonโ€™t wear off even if it is used very often.

  • 4000mAh battery pack with a 3 hour usage rate when fully charged
  • Certified UL 2272
  • A top speed of 6.2 MPH
  • LED lights in the front
  • Easy to grasp mechanism
  • Can be balanced with ease
  • Protected well against wear and tear

S Self Balancing Hoverzon Hoverboard

This hoverzon board manages to hold on through the influx thanks to its well thought out security and quality control standards. This model is the classic self-balancing scooter, which theyโ€™ve ramped up with a new look and hardware. This model too is certified ensuring your safety and remains well ahead of new safety regulations.

  • Certified UL 2272
  • Top speed of 8 MPH
  • Battery is protected from collision damage
  • LED lights
  • Good Self โ€“ balance
  • Easy to ride

T1 Swagtron

This particular Swagtron model is a fast seller even in the competitive world of today. It had some minor cosmetic touch-ups added to it as well as being certified, rendering it safe to use. The wheels are made out of solid leather which guarantees that it wonโ€™t wear off easily and can run for about 12 miles if fully charged.

  • Top speed of 8 MPH
  • 4,400mAh battery cell
  • Good wear and tear
  • Frontal LED lights
  • Certified making it safe to ride

MiniPRO Segway

This mini self-balancing scooter is rather expensive and is certainly well built. This version has the look of a hoverboard but also consists of a pole placed in the middle that gives you better balance and is easier to maneuver around. Another pretty impressive addition is that each wheel has its very own motor that can independently run in its own direction.

  • Maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • Certified UL 2272
  • Each wheel has its own motor
  • Easy to balance and steer
  • LED lights placed in the front

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