Starting an overseas business is not everyone’s cup of tea. You require more than only an entrepreneurial streak to step out of your comfort zone. Courage, conviction, and wisdom make the right combination for succeeding as a global entrepreneur. At the same time, you must choose your destination wisely. Opt for a country with lucrative business opportunities and easy entry for overseas ventures.

Most importantly, ensure smooth immigration norms as the last thing you want to struggle with is an extended process. Italy emerges as a winner on all fronts because it has a broad market, minimal regulations, and an investor visa route. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about the investor visa. Here are some expert-recommended tips to start your Italian venture with this immigration option.

Collaborate with an expert

The best piece of advice is to collaborate with an investor visa expert right from the start. You need not worry about the process with a seasoned professional showing the way. So you can focus on your startup plans rather than stressing about immigration. It makes sense because setting up a business abroad involves countless complications that require your attention.

Choose an investment option according to your capacity

Startup ventures operate on tight budgets, and investments elsewhere may sound like a challenging prospect. But buying residency with an Italian investor visa is not as daunting as you imagine. You can start without millions, with a minimum investment of €250,000 in an innovative startup. Of course, you have other options like a running business (€500,000), a philanthropic donation (€1 million), or buying Italian government bonds (€2 million). But choose an option according to your capacity.

Get papers and funds ready

Although you will have several things to manage while setting up overseas, ensure your papers and funds are ready before the process. The good thing is that you will need the real money only after completing the formalities and getting into Italy. But you must have a valid proof of funds in the form of a bank statement to get your certificate of no impediment. Also, be ready to invest within three months of landing in the country and getting your residence permit. Once you do it, you can focus all your attention on your new venture.

Have long-term expansion plans

The investor visa serves as the shortest route to enter Italy and start a venture here. But you must have long-term expansion plans in advance to capitalize on the opportunity. Start by building your reach in the local market and expanding to the EU because you can travel visa-free across the Schengen zone with an Italian residence permit. Moreover, you need not worry about winding up your business because you can qualify for Italian citizenship by naturalization after staying in the country for a decade. An investor visa even lets you bring along your family without extra investment.

Setting up a venture in Italy is easy, provided you sort out your immigration challenges. Thankfully, the investor visa makes it less of a struggle because you can access it quickly and easily. Follow these tips to get the right start.

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