They say Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but it’s time to ditch that concept. Jewellery including Diamonds is everyone’s best friend. The higher the value goes, the stronger the bond remains. Let’s be honest, an apple watch is amazing, but truly valuable jewellery would surpass all other material values. Some believe it’s the mindset that we’ve grown in to. As children, we’ve noticed what of a major role jewellery plays in society, hence why we give extra value to jewels.

Nevertheless, our admiration for jewellery is quite understandable. Some crafted jewels are simply breathtaking with their infinite shimmer and the ability to make one look extra important. It always lays in the owner’s choice. As you would know, some aren’t simply your cup of tea. Especially Jewellers in Colombo have the habit of convincing you to buy jewellery which is not the most suitable. Plus some would even try to sell you less precious jewellery for unbelievably high prices.

Let’s understand the core of buying jewellery in Colombo

Different jewellery would commemorate on different occasions. If you’re not a jewellery expert, it’s best to be aware of the traditional concepts and the reason for buying that particular jewellery.

Guide to General Gift-Giving 

When it comes to gifting, one should be always aware of the personality of the receiver. Jewellery is a very sensitive topic in gifting. It’s hard to choose what someone else would like, but if you aim the right target, it would be the best gift she’d have ever received. This doesn’t have to be your partner or wife, it could be your sister, mother, best friend or even daughter. 

Omit Gold

Since the olden days, all kinds of gold has been considered as valuable riches. Mainly due to its shine and awe. It’s a type of jewellery which would simply look fabulous while it’s still raw out of mining, unlike gemstones which need heavy washing, cutting and sharpening. But Gold today is very tricky jewellery. It has great value but is not a woman’s best friend. If you’re getting a wedding gift that’s perfect but try to omit Gold at other instances.

Silver is Timeless

Silver, on the other hand, is quite exquisite and empowering. While gold overpowers all other associating stones, silver would provide a strong contrast to stones such as topaz, ruby, pearls, amber, marcasite, and many others. If the person you’re gifting loves simplicity or rustic beauty, sterling silver would be ideal. It would be rather cheap that Gold, plus far prettier. Also, those looking for a budget option, Silver would be the kindest gift.

A Pearl person or a Crystal Person?

It sometimes varies with age, maturity and preferences. Pearls are expensive, compliments all styles, natural and long-lasting. But not everyone loves pearls as many young women think pearls are rather ancient and the fashion involved with pearls are retro.

Crystals, on the other hand, are cheaper compared to pearls, shimmers under the light and gives a rich and promising look when worn. It’s beautiful for grand occasions but is not very valuable, so if you’re gifting a somewhat-known acquaintance, Crystal would be ideal.

Guide to gifting your Special One

Your special one stands out from the rest. Whatever you give her explains the value of her and how dearly you keep her in your heart. Of course, she would expect the utmost expensive riches if she’s a gold-digger but many girls love simplicity in jewellery.

Birthstones for believers

Girls do believe in Birthstones and the great power they possess. If she’s a strong believer in Birthstones, then get her jewellery that consists of her very own birthstone

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds are truly the best. They express every aspect of a woman. The strength, the glory and the everlasting beauty. To gift someone with a diamond means she is the most important person in your life. Of course, Diamonds are expensive, but if you’re proposing to that special lady or you simply want to gift your wonderful wife with something extraordinary, opt for diamonds.

Guide to gifting a Boy

Women are not the only ones who love jewellery, even men do. Not in the form of necklaces, but a ring, a studded watch or even cufflinks. Jewellers in Colombo would definitely force you with Gold but go for silver or platinum options. Although some men love Gold, many prefer silver. Understand the personality and preference of the person first before getting them such a valuable gift for them to later not really like.

Guide to gifting yourself

The best investment you can give yourself is Jewellery. Your choice of design doesn’t have to be overshadowed by other people’s opinions. It’s solely your preference. If you’re a bit lost with where to begin your precious hunt in Colombo, here’s a basic guide.

Best Jewellers in Colombo

One must always think twice before purchasing Jewellery. If you’re loyal to a big brand, you may be paying extra for simplicity while upcoming brands are offering the same products at a lower cost. Look at options apart from your usual brand. But make sure you visit a trustworthy seller. There are many Jewellers in Colombo that are worth a visit. 

Vogue Jewellers 

Located in Galle Road, Colombo 3, Vogue Jewellers is one of the known jewellery names in Colombo that has been in business for over 5 decades now. 

Raja Jewellers

Located in Galle Road, Colombo 4, Raja Jewellers is also one of the known names in the Jewellery industry in Sri Lanka that cater to all.

Devi Jewellers 

Located in Colombo 1, Devi is a Luxury Jewel designer in Sri Lanka who’s famous for wedding and bridal jewellery. 


Located in Galle Road, Colombo 4, Swarnamahal is also a renowned name in the Jewellery industry for all kinds of jewel needs.

Muthukaruppan Chettiar 

Located in Colombo 1, Muthukaruppan Chettiar is a jewellery store that specializes in Gold and Bridal jewellery.

So now you can unleash the Chrysophilist in you and set off on a jewellery hunt around Colombo. Good Luck!

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