We love believing in astrology. Although many believe that these are hoax, there’s something quite real about one of these aspects. And that would be, the theory of birthstones.

Gems that are associated with the birth months are called birthstones. A lot like a horoscope, many would wear or keep their birthstones close to them as it’s believed to bring luck and good fortune. In the present, jewellery-makers such as getnamenecklace.com craft customized pieces of jewellery with birthstones including Family Birthstone Rings.

The history of Birthstones

In the 5th century, Christian scholars made the connection between the twelve gems in the Breastplate of Aaron, twelve months of the year, and twelve signs of the zodiac. Each gem was aligned to astrological placing which we would now say, the origin of Birthstone creation.

Over time, there had often been arguments regarding the accuracy of choice for each month’s birthstone but in 1912 the sears published the Official list of birthstones which are still been used.

What are Family Birthstone Jewellery?

Family Birthstone pieces of jewellery are of sentimental value. Usually, when a precious gem is passed down to generations in a family it’s inserted in the jewellery along with each generation’s birthstone owner. These come in various nature. Some as necklaces, some lockets and the most valuable, Family Birthstone Rings.

Family Birthstone Rings come in all shapes and sizes. Jewellery experts of getnamenecklace.com would not only customize the gemstone placements but the shape of the rings according to each requirement.

Family Birthstone Rings are such a treasure, and if you want to get rings that consist of all your family members’ birthstones, first you must know exactly which birthstone represents your month. Let’s look at each month’s gem and the story.

Birthstones by month


The birthstone of January is Garnet which defines protection. It derives from the Latin word ‘Granatus’ the reference for its similar appearance of Pomegranates. Additionally, due to their refractive index, it looks as if it’s emitting light from within. Garnets were widely used by Crusades, Aztecs and even Eastern Asiatic Tribal warriors in the ancient times during battles to ward off evil and keep them protected at all times.


Amethyst – a member of the Quartz family – is the Birthstone of February defining Wisdom. Deriving from the Greek legend of Dionysus’s wrath and his wise decision, Amethyst is highly valued for its deep violet colour and twinned crystal structure. Amethysts have been engraved and set into jewellery since the ancient Egyptian times.


The birthstone of March is Aquamarine which defines Serenity. A member of the Beryl Family, Aquamarines are usually clear crystal type formations which are slightly tainted by Iron hence why it’s blue. Primarily found in South East Asia, deeper blue shades of Aquamarine are considered to be more valuable. This gem is vastly associated with oceans and many sailors keep these under their pillows for a good night’s sleep.


Quartz is the birthstone of April, which defines Strength. This stone is the second most common gem family on the planet. It’s clear and is found in every rock formation. Due to their hard outer appearance and scratch resistance, it’s believed to bring strength to whoever who possess it.


Emeralds are the Birthstones of May. Dark green in colour this gemstone defines Hope. Due to its resistant nature, an Emerald without visible cracks is regarded as flawless. It derives from the informal Latin word ‘Esmeralda’ and the green usually conveys springtime, renewals and hopes that winter isn’t eternal.


The birthstone of June is Alexandrite which defines Love. The colour of this gem changes from yellowish green to greenish-blue under artificial lightings. However, under the sun, Alexandrite colours range from red to dark purple to orange varying from the reflection. Just like Love, it comes in all colours and forms.


The birthstone of July is Ruby which defines Vitality. If not for its dark red colour, this mineral conundrum would’ve been regarded as a sapphire. Rubies are quite unique as they absorb light and re-emit in the darkness. The most famous ones are called pigeon-blood rubies due to the dark red and blue hues present in the gem. This blood-like appearance is meant to associate with Vitality and good health.


Peridot is the birthstone of August which defines Beauty. The gem is a slight Olive or yellowish-green. This was widely famous in ancient Egypt. Its distinct ability to look same under any kind of light is why it’s regarded as Beauty – to look just as glorious under any circumstance.


Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone of September which defines Truth and has been one of the gems that have been recorded in use from 4000 B.C in Afghanistan. This bluestone made its way to Greece and Europe during Alexander the Great’s Persian conquer. This true blue didn’t lose its colour under direct sunlight hence why it’s associated with Truth.


There are two birthstones for October which are Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is regarded as the ideal choice between the two. It defines Healing, and back in the day, it was widely mistaken for sapphires and other gems. It’s usually classified as the technicoloured dream coat of gems. 


The birthstone of November is Citrine, which defines Joy. It’s the rarest form of Quartz on the planet and has a growing demand in the market. Natural Citrines are usually found in France, Spain, and Hungary etc. Its golden-yellow appearance is considered attractive because they are considered to channel the power of the sun bringing positivity and prosperity.


The birthstone of December is Turquoise which defines Friendship. Its bluish-green in colour and its name derives from the old French word Turkish. To form a Turquoise, it requires copper and aluminium compounds to work together hence why it’s associated with Friendship.So there you go! All you need to know about Birthstones. If sticking to just your birth month feels less, you can now get a necklace or Family Birthstone Ring that consists of all your family members’ birthstones like a personalized mother’s day birthstone ring which would bring your mother an extra fortune and more of the above.

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