In the initial stages of their existence, brands and new businesses must find concrete ways to strike at the heart of their future consumers, their customers, exciting them and arousing a feeling of interest that will last. Those who start well, from this point of view, will have their way, especially because of the immense value of the impressions generated in the initial moments of an approach. In fact, this rule applies not only to people, but also to brands. If a user comes across a company’s social profile, and is impressed by the wit or comedy of a post, not only will the funny content be imprinted in his mind, but also the brand with which it is associated, creating a positive association that may soon lead him to learn more about the brand in question and perhaps even make a purchase, driven by that peculiar enthusiasm generated by the funniest sensations. Consumers must also be impressed by the quality and efficiency of the products and services offered by the company, but in order to win over one’s audience, one cannot rely solely on one’s own end productions. In the age of the internet and social media, companies have the opportunity to act on a much deeper level, stimulating those parts of the consciousness that are particularly sensitive to exciting, entertaining and witty content. In this way, consumers will not only be impressed with something concrete, such as a product, but also with intangible content that is at the same time extremely rich in value, capable of imprinting itself in people’s consciousness and igniting their interest in the company or brand with which it is associated.

The right languages

In order to make a successful business, new companies will therefore have to refine their online communication, also spending time on choosing particular languages or expressions to use in their online posts, or even in messages that appear offline, on product packaging or on an advertising poster. Due to the multitude of images and videos that we are exposed to every day, especially on social media, we have almost ended up forgetting language and its great expressive power, especially from a marketing and communication point of view, which can translate into an ever-increasing user engagement and its (almost) taken for granted affiliation with the services offered by a brand. One of the most effective tools to captivate and impress your audience, even in the early stages of a brand’s life, is the tone of voice, i.e. the peculiar tone you impart to the company’s written content, whether online or offline, such as the text of a post, a newsletter or a message sent by the customer care agent.

The importance of tone of voice

The choice of your tone of voice is particularly delicate, because it must remain consistent over time without excessive variations. Therefore, the particular tone of your content will have to be chosen well in advance and carried out consistently and continuously. There could be a formal, provocative and funny tone of voice: you choose which tone to use for your communication, depending on the characteristics of your brand and its values. But to impress users, especially at an early stage, we suggest employing a friendly and at the same time funny tone, perhaps using informal expressions and a few emoticons, especially if you have a WhatsApp helpline. This way of expressing yourself will bring you much closer to your audience, who will immediately recognise you as a reliable and friendly interlocutor.

With the support of online tools, brands, therefore, have many more arrows to their bow. The Internet and social media are able to simplify people’s lives, also making it much easier for them when choosing a product or requesting assistance online. And in the latter case (but not only), a crisp and pleasant tone of voice, also online, could prove decisive in winning the admiration of the consumer. An example of an effective and reassuring tone of voice is provided by portals specializing in online casinos in Qatar, which immediately put every player at ease from their very first landing on the site’s home page. In addition to informing them of the breadth of the catalogue of online games, these portals make it clear from the outset that the gaming experience will be serene, safe, and perfectly legal, even with the support of particular tools such as VPNs, the functioning of which is explained in impeccable detail. In this case, coming across friendly and soothing language is the first step towards discovering real fun.

The language is to be regarded as a magical portal capable of giving access to other worlds, to new successful scenarios, always brilliant and extremely bright.

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