Jamming unusual music with beats and rhythms isn’t something that all of us can do. Well – we can try, but it may not sync well, and if doesn’t sync well, you’ll be a lousy DJ. Apart from having the inborn talent to bring together types of music, if you want to be a great Disk Jockey, you need to learn the skills involved.

As introverts or nerds, we believe professions such as acting, singing and Disc Jockeying are identified as Extrovert professions. Where you meet a lot of people to collaborate, you’re always on the stage and you’re usually the highlight of any event. That’s what society have portrayed all along. But not all performing artists are extroverts. Especially DJs, who practically hide themselves behind the console are certainly not the type of personalities you’d generally expect.

If you have a passion for music – not singing but creating, and you’re good with the beats, you definitely can be a DJ. If not a full time job – at least a part time hobby which may eventually turn into million-dollor career. Even if you’re a girl, you can purse your dream. There are many talented female DJs who rocks the world. So Fingers crossed for you!

Let’s look at the basics of how to be a Disc Jockey. 

Use an App to Mix Up

Unlike the olden days, you necessarily don’t have to own a console or turntable to mix up music. You can simply visit Google Play or App Store and download an app that would do the deed. Try mixing some music that you think needs a good mash-up. Try mixing up numbers of rhythms till your creation feels complete.

Keep Practicing 

Let’s say you’ve created a remarkable piece of music, now you must perfect it. There’s no fun if a DJ gets on to a stage to only turn on a recording of your mash-up. That’s a big no-no… Keep practicing your creation and the music as a whole. Record your music and save. Listen to each and see where you could improve and which part is perfect. It’s a lot like a commercial production, where the director has to record several takes in order to find the perfect by comparing your own takes.

Invest on a DJ Controller

Now is the next step. If you realize that this is not merely a hobby but a potential career option as well, invest on a console and a turntable (DJ Controller) – the laptop of a Disc Jockey. It must be easily movable, because if someday you visit events, you’d have to carry it around with you. Now the DJ Controller isn’t something to be kept covered in a dark room. Have it in an easily accessible place and as always – Keep Practicing!

You should also invest in a good DJ speaker. We recommend you to buy the Rockville speaker, since a lot of DJ’s prefer to use these speakers.

Learn Precision 

Precision is key to perfection. Many might think Disc Jockeying is simply mashing-up music but it’s more than that. Each second decides the rest of your music’s flow. You must be constantly focused on how it plays off. The right second to make the next move, if you miss even one single turn, the rest of your career may be on the line.

Make Music that you Love, not what others want

Music is all about art. As a child you imitate arts of other people, but that’s not how you built a career on it. You must create your own masterpiece, understand your passion and taste in Music. Then create music that you love, not what others want. Once you perfect your passion, others would automatically be drawn to it. Successful DJs like Alan Walker and Martin Garrix created their own tones and beats and people loved it.

Look for Inspiration

Life of an artist is prettier when you start seeing in different perspectives. You may be a nerd but of you dream of being a DJ, you must constantly look for inspiration and think of yourself as an artist. Inspiration is found in various places. For one it can be a thought, a personal opinion, a life incident or even a feeling. Don’t try to imitate another DJ, instead be a unique one. 

Try getting a Gig or two

The best way to make yourself known amongst people is to get out there and show off your talents. Try contacting a studio and ask for a gig, if you didn’t get one, at least try to perform at a private event, don’t charge big amounts and if the project really means a lot to you, do it for Free. Just this once to make yourself shine outside your comfort zone. This would also be an opportunity to meet new contacts and learn how to perform on the limelight without fear or self-doubt.

Be Professional, Reliable and Thankful

Once you get out on to the field, it might take some time before you become a household name for DJs amongst the community, however if you do start getting quite a number of gigs at a stretch, make sure you remain professional, reliable and thankful. Nobody likes a rude music player. Be open for suggestions and requests while you’re at it. There are so many Disc Jockeys in the market, and if you want to make yourself stand out you need to be presentable with your attitudes and reliability.

Create a Song

Well – this is the ultimate step and the first step to your career as a DJ. Once you feel you’ve managed to perfect your skills and you’ve done few gigs, its time you created a piece of art that belongs to you. Join with a music producer or a singer and create a song. Make sure it maintains quality and it’s done at a proper studio to avoid external interruptions. Once you release a piece of art, you’re on your way to your DJ career success.

Wrapping Up

So there you go! The basic steps to start off a career in Disc Jockeying and the journey up the ladder! Just believe in yourself and work hard! You’ve got it! Good Luck!

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