Do you love female DJs? Here is the list of female DJs you would like to listen all-day.

1. Alison Wonderland

Her real name is Alexandra Sholler, and she is a DJ, producer and singer from Australia.

The artist grew up with classical music, specializing in Cello and working as a cellist at the Opera Jovend e Sydney. Later, she became interested in electronics, beginning to remix songs by artists such as Sam Parro or Ladyhawke who achieved great success by appearing in media such as BBC Radio 1.

In 2012 she toured with Parklife Music Festival and a year later launched his first Ep โ€˜Calm Down,โ€™ which led the Hype Machine lists.

In 2015 he released his debut album  โ€˜Run,โ€™ whose main video clip gained great popularity for the lead role of Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This disc had more than three million reproductions.

Her success in 2017 boosted her popularity and named as an artist of the year at the Electronic Music Awards for his second album โ€˜Awake. Without a doubt, she is the revelation artist who has opened new paths in electronic music.

2. Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider is one of those figures in the music industry that, if we remove it, would have a very destructive effect on the scene. 

She is a cornerstone class for techno, with its own label Mobilee. She often presents on radio show Dance Under the Blue Moon on Fritz Radio, as well as parties around the world as an international DJ.

3. The Black Madona

Marea Stamper, better known as The Black Madonna, is one of the most important music workers of recent times. Dj, producer, and activist. Her exquisite vision, both of the house and the old school in Chicago, has made her a true full qualitative track.

Her career began when she moved to Chicago, very young, and began working at the Smart Bar. 

Now, two decades later, she is a creative director and resident DJ. But its relevance goes beyond music. As a feminist activist, she has created Daphne, a series of talk shows focused on promoting the female presence in electronic music.

4. Ellen Alien

Ellen Fraatzis a German DJ and producer of electronic music, known by her pseudonym Ellen Allien. She lives in Berlin and is the founder of the famous BPitch Control label. 

She sings in English and German. Her significant influence when composing and creating music has been the city of Berlin. Among the styles she produces are techno, electro, minimal and experimental.

5. Francesca Lombardo

After exploring different musical fields, Francesca Lombardo realized that where she was most comfortable was on the dance floor. The Italian producer enjoyed a musical education more (pianist, opera singer). It has allowed her to develop many projects such as Jackie Misfit or Def by Disco and create her own label Echolette Records.

Her music is colourful, “I like to write a subject depending on how I feel. My themes are usually conceptual.” She said. Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin and Plastikman are among her significant influence.

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