Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with more than a billion daily active users and a billion active users every month, Facebook is considered to be the powerhouse among the social media platforms in the world.

Users on the social media platform spend a considerable amount of time on their profiles on Facebook sharing photos, videos, updates and content to their friends and individuals in their network.

There are a number of creative ways in which users on Facebook can utilize their time and energy spent on the social media platform to generate income and one of the best ways to do so is to have an efficient and successful marketing strategy that not only ensures that the marketing goals are met but also helps in using Facebook more productively.

In order to gain Facebook likes, you need to expand the number of followers you have on your Facebook account and the more Facebook followers you have, the higher chances you have to ensure success and to make money on the social media platform.

So, what are the 5 proven ways to make money on Facebook?

1. Including Ads in your videos on Facebook

Including in stream ads in your videos on Facebook helps you to earn money, and you can choose to include even short ads either at the start of your video or during your video or even after your video.

The algorithm of Facebook will naturally identify the breaks in your content and add in your ads, or you even have the option to choose your own time stamps. The money you earn from these ads are determined by the number of views and who the owner of these ads is.

In order to be eligible for the ads, you need to follow the partner monetization policies and need to post videos from Facebook page that has a minimum number of at least ten thousand followers.

The owner of this page on Facebook needs to be of 18 years of age or above and post unique conte and so on. Posting your own creative content will help you gain Facebook likes and more Facebook followers, which in turn will make you also eligible for including in stream ads in your videos on Facebook page.

2. Adding paid subscription feature to your page on Facebook

The option of adding paid subscription to your page on Facebook only works when you have grown and built an online community that is interactive and engaging with your content.

This will make sure that the members from your community will actually make use of this feature and will help in funding you every month to which in return they will get access to content, badges and even discounts exclusive only to them.

In order to gain more Facebook followers, you have to make sure that your rate of engagement is high, especially when you have to gain Facebook likes to remain consistent.

3. Using your Facebook page to buy or sell products, and utilizing the market place on the social media platform

The market place on Facebook has a huge number of users that visit and this not only allows you to gain more Facebook followers it also allows you to earn money and sell products.

Users on Facebook also have the option to filter according to their location which means that you can attract buyers near you. There are a number of sell and buy groups on Facebook that prevent the hassle and improve your chances of earning money by selling your products.

This also helps to gain Facebook likes and more Facebook followers because if these users like products and service that you sell, they will want to purchase more products from you.

4. Getting started with affiliate marketing on the social media platform

One of the best ways to earn money on Facebook is through affiliate marketing which involves the promotion of products and services of brands and earning money through the commission that you gain whenever the service or product is bought through your network.

There is no rule that is set in stone that you need to have a collaboration with a brand to promote their products and services, you can always sign up as an affiliate on their official website and get a personalized and unique code or a link that will allow users to gain a special discount when they enter the code before purchasing the product.

If the brand likes the content you most, there are chances that they will repost the content giving your page on Facebook the credits which will help you gain more Facebook followers.

5. Brand collaborations

There are a huge number of brands that partner or collaborate with pages on Facebook that have a considerable number of followers to gain exposure and access to their target audience.

Brand collaborations are one of the best ways to gain Facebook likes and make money on Facebook.

Final thoughts

Facebook is an excellent marketing tool that not only helps in making money but also in the generation of leads. Creating a business page on this social media platform also allows your content to stay relevant in your niche to gain Facebook likes and more Facebook followers through the publication of your content.

These were the 5 proven ways to make money on Facebook that will help in generating more Facebook followers, revenue and gain Facebook likes.

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