If youโ€™re sitting on the fence about whether to further your education in nursing, you should take a moment to consider all the reasons why a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can enrich your life and career, and, whatโ€™s more, may be more achievable than you think.

Perhaps you have other commitments holding you back. If you are even considering embarking on a BSN qualification, then the likelihood is that you are already a qualified Registered Nurse (RN) with a demanding job and perhaps even family commitments on top of that.

However, with a bit of the grit and determination that has no doubt got you this far, it is possible to work around your career and family commitments to gain all the advantages that come with the BSN qualification.

Become More Valued in Your Profession

It goes without saying that never before have nurses been more valued by society, and, therefore, there has never been a better time to pursue or advance a career in nursing. As more emphasis is directed towards preventative care in the medical profession, more hospitals are requiring their nurses to hold a bachelorโ€™s degree to meet those expectations.ย 

Of course, RNs are already highly valued, and work commitments in the nursing profession are very demanding. However, an RN to BSN degree at Marian University is conducted online and can be completed around work and family commitments in a mere seven weeks.

Provides the Opportunity to Secure a Leadership Role

Medical employers are increasingly aware that the communication skills nurses with a BSN have gained, along with critical thinking, sets them apart from registered nurses with purely clinical skills. This, in itself, can place BSN-qualified nurses in the right position to secure a leadership role within their profession. 

Whether they go on to work as nurse executives or in the military, leading nursing organizations, healthcare foundations, magnet hospitals, or minority nurse advocacy groups, nurses with a BSN are highly prized and can generally pick and choose jobs.

Secures a Higher Salary 

While many nurses have not entered the profession for the salary, a higher salary can give a greater sense of value and pride, not to mention ease the stress of family and life commitments. Therefore, it is prudent to take into consideration that nurses who have a BSN can enjoy a pay difference of nearly $30,000, as well as better rewards and benefits.

Makes You Better at Your Job

Many nurses enter the profession on the back of a desire to help people. Nurses who have gained a BSN are qualified to give a better level of care to their patients. This is demonstrated by the fact that hospitals that employ nurses with their BSN have a lower mortality rate. 

Gaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can also provide you with the building blocks to move into a specialty of your choice, including Intensive Care Medicine, Midwifery, Pain Management, Occupational Health, Cardiac Nursing, Infection Prevention and Control, and Acute Care, among others.

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