You have always had the urge to serve in healthcare since you were a kid. The sound of the siren from the ambulance ferrying away sick people or those involved in accidents sparks some sensation of concern in you. You can’t wait to become big, you did think to yourself. Now, you’re all grown and you feel it’s time you executed your nursing dream. You want to know How to Become a Correctional Facility Nurse.

First off, you should know that nursing isn’t as easy as the appearance of white or blue. They may look sparkling and attractive, but that is simply a result of the professional and personal discipline you see. Nurses are everywhere you turn trying their best to attend to this and that all day long. They’re the most trusted professionals in healthcare.

Nurses face a lot of gruesome realities and are charged with making life-changing decisions in seconds. To have a better understanding of what the nurse-life is like before venturing into one, take a look at these:

Nursing School Won’t Prepare You Enough

As stated by, the reality of the actual nursing life is the complete opposite of the training time. You may have attended one of the world’s leading nursing institutes, but that wouldn’t still totally prepare you for everyday experiences. You will wish they taught you, for example, how to reply to a wife who’s showing you pictures of her newly wedded dying husband. before he got sick. But, what can you do? Here you are.

Nursing can be a very thankless job where everyone assumes you have to do this or that simply because you’re white. You’re not the doctor after all. Little do they know that you’re nearly more important than the doctor. Very few would appreciate you and this is a daily reality. Some days you’re highly disappointed in yourself over the death of a patient whom you’ve grown fond of. Some other days you’re very elated you saved a person from dying.

No school could have prepared you for this kind of reality, but you’d have to go on. The truth is, on those days when the going is tough, always make it a habit to recall those times you saved or helped someone significantly or felt good about yourself. It will help you persevere.

Another thing is that nurses are fond of insults and abuses. They can rain insults on themselves over the slightest mistakes even when they really can be overlooked. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the stomach for insults, you would need to think of how to adapt because insults and abuses are the norms here.

You’ll Be Overworked And You’ll Age Quickly

As a nurse, you’ll be on the phone regularly with other departments in the hospital in a bid to get things done. You’ll be on the phone countless times with the pharmacy, laboratory, central supply, respiratory, social work, nutrition, and case management departments. 

You’ll be working and walking long hours. You’ll be turning patients, and standing for the whole time you’re on duty.

Nursing is uniquely for the strong. You’ll have to learn to exercise properly for you to be able to continuously offer unabated medical assistance as a nurse.

You will get calls, texts, pictures, and emails from all your friends and family asking you for medical advice. You’ll constantly be approached by people for you to tell them how they should attend to their underlying health issues and it can be fatiguing. You may not be working five days a week, but you’ll still be very much tired out and you’d miss out on a lot of social life activities. This has a significant impact on your lifespan.

Nurses Are Special

As a nurse, you don’t have any control over your base salary and it can be frustrating when we see that we are supposed to be paid more but aren’t. The good news is that a nurse can make more cash by taking more shifts during weekends and overtime.

As a nurse, you’ll grow closer to the people you work with faster; and just like your real family, you may prefer to celebrate holidays with them. This is because they’ll be the only ones who truly understand the work-related stress that you experience more than anyone else in your life.

Nurses may have to eat breakfast in the taxi while on their way to work. This is because that may be the only meal they’d get to eat throughout the day. Sometimes, a nurse can be in just one patient’s ward for over four hours and may still go to yet another ward and use a similar amount of time all during the same day.

If he hadn’t eaten on the way to work, he could be in some very serious food crises.

To be a nurse, you must be ready to handle all situations with a friendly approach. You could easily run out of patience and thwart your nursing dreams with the wrong behavior. Nursing will surely test your limits but you must always prove that it’s truly your calling by remaining emotionally in control.

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