What is the first thing that you do when you get up each day? Most of the people would say ‘I look at my phone’. Even from that answer, it depicts that how much we are dependent on phone technology. But are you a victim of it? Some of us have become a victim with or without our knowledge.

Have not you seen that many people are bent towards their phone when they travel in public transport? Very rarely you see a person who reads a book or newspaper online with more concentration. If you get curious and see what they do, most of the time they are engaged in social media. They are lost in a virtual world with some virtual people around the world and have a less connection with the present on going world. They start the day from the alarm clock to get up, have reminders, to do lists or organizers, keep contacts of all the important people, bank accounts in the phone and by accident if the phone get lost, their life will be a total mess as they are highly dependent on it. They are the people who do not have time to enjoy the natural beauty and cannot develop face to face relationships with communication skills. I feel these are the people who have become the victims of phone technology.

Even there are some common traits of such people. They express their feelings by smiling or frowning to the phone alone without caring about the external environment. They cannot live without their gadget even to the wash room. Most of the time they wanted to update their status in social media and show off about their current lifestyle to the world. Some are lonely people who need virtual company. Their span of concentration is less. They will hop from one social media to another and have a look about the responses they get from the connections. Their state of mind is being expressed into the social media all the time. They have rapid finger movements even when they do not have their communication tool around them. Well, these are few of the traits that I have mentioned.

How about their relationships with near and dear ones? Sometimes it can be a distant relationship as they tend to have inward personality. But there can be good relationships. This is totally relative depending on each individual as well. Even some people have documented how he or she lived a life without a phone for a couple of days forgetting the materialistic world.

Once a Norwegian historian, teacher and a political scientist Christian Lous Lange had said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

I believe that life is not about creating a good impression about yourself all the time to the world. You must transform into a different person through education, experience and attitudes gradually. You need some time to be with your loved ones to care, respect and look after. They are your hidden treasures in life. What I suggest is to live in a balance with nature while enjoying it every day without postponing to a vacation of each year.

Have real life conversations with real live people with eye contact and develop your feelings by sharing thoughts. Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you. Be a real human with real emotions who values humanity without being a victim of phone technology. That is how I see it folks!

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