How to do a 10 minute makeup look for those lazy mornings

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Mornings are not for me, and I’m sure many of you can relate to this. I just love my bed too much… So for that kind of mornings, well for me it’s every morning, I like to have a 10-minute makeup look so that I look more put-together. I don’t always wear makeup every day because I like to embrace my own skin and I take care of it with love. But for those days I really need it this my routine.

Makeup ToolsFirst of all, I always moisturize my face, under eyes and lips. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Now use a primer before your makeup to prevent clogging your pores because the last thing you need is another zit. Right! And now we move onto the makeup, I like to do my eyebrows first, so using any eyebrow pencil or brow powder or brow pomade fill them in. Give them a nice shape and make them look how you would like them to look like. Once the eyebrows are done start concealing using a concealer, conceal the under-eye darkness, acne spot, around the mouth and any discolorations you see. If you can get away with concealer, this routine would be shorter than 10 minutes, but if you’re like me who needs a lot more coverage than that, then you can use a foundation powder to give a more flawless finish. For the cheeks apply a little blush and to warm up, the skin uses a bronzer around the perimeter of the face.

You can do a little eye makeup as you prefer but I like to have a bare lid or just a nice subtle color in the crease. Using your favorite mascara layer it on your lashes to make it look fuller and lengthened. Also, you can always curl your lashes with a lash curler to give a nice lift to them. If you love false lashes, maybe now is not the best time (but if you have time why not). So go ahead and apply them. And last but not least apply a lip color you prefer for the day, and you’re done. Voila!

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Didn’t it sound easy? Trust me once you get the hang of it, this routine will be easy peasy. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you like to follow me on my social media platforms I’ll leave them below.

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How to do a 10 minute makeup look for those lazy mornings
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