Many people want to remain in their homes as long as possible. They can often do so if they make some upgrades and modifications. Consider investing in the following to make the home friendly for all ages.

Safe and Accessible Entryways

Mobility issues often come with age. Installing grab bars, railings, and ramps at all entryways can help prevent falls. Widening doorways to better accommodate walkers and wheelchairs is another good modification to make. Features such as these are commonly seen in retirement communities arizona because they work.

Upgrade the Bathroom

As previously mentioned, grab bars are of great help as a person ages. However, don’t overlook other modifications in the bathroom. Buy a taller toilet. Spend the money to upgrade to a walk-in tub or shower. If this modification isn’t possible, look into a built-in shower seat. Changes such as these can make the bathroom friendly for seniors.

Improve Lighting and Visibility

Our vision declines as we age. This decline makes it harder to see clearly in low-light conditions. Add more lights to make the home brighter. Another option is to upgrade to higher-wattage bulbs. Small changes such as these allow you to remain in the home longer and stay safe when doing so.

Place night lights in hallways and bedrooms. Ensure staircases are well-lit and have grip tape on the steps. Improve visibility by decluttering rooms, adding mirrors to see around corners easier, painting walls lighter colors, and placing color contrast strips on the edges of countertops and stairs.

Install under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen to keep your workplace well-lit. Doing so reduces the risk of accidents when using sharp kitchen instruments. These lights can be set to turn on and off automatically or run non-stop.

Another option is to put lights along the baseboards of the home. They make it easy to see anything on the floor as you make your way through the house at night. These lights can be installed throughout the home or only in those rooms and hallways used after dark.

Update Flooring

Unstable flooring increases the chances of slipping, tripping, and falling. Have grab bars professionally installed in key areas. Replace slippery rugs and carpets with low-pile versions that have non-slip backing. Hardwood, tiles, and laminate can also be slippery. Add rubber mats for better traction. Many companies make attractive yet practical anti-slip floor solutions ideal for aging homeowners. A quick upgrade is applying anti-slip tape to potentially slick surfaces.

Make the Kitchen More User-Friendly

The kitchen tends to involve hot appliances, knives, slippery spills, and more, prime spots for accidents as you age. Help minimize risks by installing tamper-resistant stovetops, improving task lighting over countertops, adding lever-style faucets and doors, lowering cabinet heights for easier access, and keeping frequently used items within easy reach. Anti-slip floor mats in front of the stove and sink are smart additions. Consider remodeling with a barrier-free, wheelchair-friendly open concept.

Adapting oneโ€™s home to match their evolving physical abilities and limitations is essential for continuing to age comfortably and safely in place. By making thoughtful yet crucial modifications to entryways, flooring, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens, and more, senior citizens can transform their living spaces into accessible, hazard-free homes that facilitate mobility and maximize independence. With careful planning and strategic age-friendly upgrades suited to their needs, aging adults can actively future-proof their dwellings. With the help of these modifications, you can do the same, so begin making them today.

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