It is important to keep track of external links when promoting a website. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manually track backlinks when the backlink quantity and number of projects promoted increases.

Linkbox. pro can solve this issue completely.

Basic functions

This service lets you keep track of all external links to projects that have been put together in one place. SEO specialists can make it easier to automate their work through a user-friendly interface. Link Box has built-in modules that allow you to:

  • online link checker;
  • backlink anchor text analyzer.
  • backlink monitor software;
  • google index checking tool;
  • google indexer;

You can also check the backlinks

A comprehensive analysis of backlinks is essential for SEO promotion and budget optimization. Linkbox allows you to check external links regularly and obtain data on:

  • Data on nofollow and dofollow link attributes.
  • The anchors for all backlinks to pages.
  • They were taken down when they were created.
  • the presence of links on the pages of donors;

Links in Linkbox Pro are imported,

  • Through the Ahrefs or Google Console crawler module, and so on.
  • In previously-created campaigns

All information regarding domains and backlinks is available in the graph and table. The table analyzes your backlinks by applying different filters.

Analyze backlinks on linkbox

Checking backlink indexing

Linkbox Pro is a tool that can carry out massive checks of the Google index for external backlinks. It allows you to:

  • You can track their presence on the index by setting up regular tracking.
  • Check to index quickly.

If the link falls out from the Google index and is removed from the index, the SEO specialist will receive an alert so that he/she can immediately take steps to ensure that the acceptor page does not lose its rankings within the search engines. Link Box allows you to control the backlink indexing for all of your link campaigns and projects at the same time.

The table lists the dates and results of Google indexing checks (competitor backlink checker). The results are highlighted in color.

  • Gray – No checks were made.
  • red – not in the index;
  • Green – Index;

You can use a filter to select links not yet found in Google and forward them to Google include the URL to be indexed.

Check index states of backlinks on google using linkbox

Indexing backlinks

Do not wait for the Google robots to index your URLs. You have to take the initiative. Link Box lets you forward pages that are not indexable to Google indexer. It only takes a few clicks. Googlebot will be able to check your site after the page has been sent to Linkbox Pro. Googlebot’s ability to index an internet page is dependent on its quality.

It is possible to index backlinks faster and obtain results in a shorter amount of time.

Index backlinks faster using linkbox


The service has several components:

Anchor texts analysis

Linkbox Pro offers to check anchors when you check backlinks. This allows you to check:

  • Texts used as anchors for backlinks texts
  • The attributes of anchors and links
  • indexing and existence of donor websites with anchors in Google Console;

All results are listed in a table of anchors – the basis of the module. Below are details about each anchor.

  • Backlink type and attribute.
  • indexing data (when backlinks were added to the index, and after they were removed);
  • URLs of donor and acceptor pages;
  • Information about crawlers crossing
  • Include the campaign name with the page of the donor.

Filters permit you to choose data by:

  • the status of indexing.
  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. ;
  • Type of Backlink
  • Campaign name
  • Matches with crawler bases It is possible to use the Exclude filter to find anchors that are missing from crawlers.

Donor data could include:

  • To index.
  • exported into Excel format to further analyze;

This lets you index a certain group of links that lead to a particular page or an anchor list. The graph also displays the consistency and naturalness of the profiles.

Index group of backlinks using linkbox

Crawler analysis tool

This module helps to upload a list of backlinks from various services (Google Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic) to You can upload separate files from Ahrefs or Console. Temporary is the place where the rest of the information is kept.

The module lets you search that can be filtered by:

  • diverse crawlers;
  • Status of Link (new, active, or historical).
  • You can match the search keyword with the URL of the links (e.g. you could select all YouTube links).
  • Links from any link campaign that are crossed with crawlers

The bottom of the module has an array of links that offer information on:

  • crawlers on which the link is discovered
  • import date.
  • Campaigns and the campaigns with which they are connected

The crawler module in Link Box assists you in analyzing the links that Google knows about (by crossing with GSC) and the ones that your competitors have access to (by crossing with Ahrefs).

Crawler Mode - Linkbox

A planner to plan checkouts

In Linkbox you can automate the process of backlink management. This can be accomplished through the task planner.

It is possible to begin by selecting between tier1 or Tier2 levels of campaigns. The tab displays all projects, separated by campaigns. On the left, you’ll see the auto-check for links, and on the right side the auto-check for indexing.

Each checkout can be begun by selecting the desired start date ahead of time. For example, you can perform checks every week.

Once the module is activated, the system will conduct the required checks during the scheduled intervals and will send you an email notification about any problems.

Free Report module

Once links have been checked and after they are indexed, Linkbox Pro forms reports. The first report includes complete information on all parameters. Only the parameters that have changed during two checks are reported in the follow-up reports.

You can filter reports by:

  • URL for the donor page
  • Campaign of link
  • Link level tier1 and Tier2
  • Set objectives for checking (links and index status).
  • Backlink project;

The base block consists of change tags that indicate the pages to which changes will be applied. They are categorized in accordance with their importance and highlighted with color.

  • green – minor changes that can provide valuable information.
  • orange-colored errors are non-critical and also require attention
  • Red – Significant changes that demand particular attention and should be dealt with immediately

To highlight pages where the tag can be used, click on the tags. The links will be displayed in a table with columns:

  • The link campaign, donor URL, and project are shown in the left column.
  • the right one contains the changes that took place on the link pages.

Linkbox Pro keeps track of your external links as well as their indexing. It monitors every change.

The software assists in collecting all the links of donors into one database and track these. Linkbox is an advanced tool that allows you to manage backlinks. It can be used by an expert to boost your site’s visibility towards the top of the search rankings as well as help you save money.

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