Psychology has become one of the most successful and upcoming careers in the present day. Not only does it explore a new phase of mental study, but it also promises a solid proven medical path. Having said that, many upcoming counselors are trying to make their mark in the industry. Amongst these genuine therapists that care for the society, hide quacks and rip-offs.

Many who suffer mental illness avoid therapy because it can be expensive. Let’s be honest, therapy isn’t cheap, but counseling platforms like BetterHelp offer affordable solutions if you care about your mental health and your wallet’s wellbeing.

Expensive Therapy

There’s always a difference quality-wise when it comes to cheap versus expensive services. If you require great service, you will have to pay a bit more extra. But if you feel like all you need is someone to listen to you and give realistic advice, reasonable therapy sessions are available for you.

However, sometimes, even then many come to realize that their therapist is just ripping them off. Not every qualified person can be a skilled therapist. If you are seeing a therapist right now and you feel like they are only concerned about the pay, check the below signs. Decide whether you need to dump your therapist right away.

Learning more about your therapist

Learning how counseling works can be confusing. If your therapist starts talking to you in detail about their story, you need to put a stop to it. Some therapists get carried away at the moment trying to be your friend. Note that it’s not going to do you any good. After all, you’re paying to help yourself.

You lose trust

Trust is the crucial key element of therapy. Most counselors have the patient-therapist confidentiality segment from which they legally cannot share personal information with outside parties. Still, if you feel like your therapist is not someone who’d stick to their word, you may not fully open up your vulnerable side.

Frequently cancels/delays appointments

As we all know, therapy is based on appointments. Counselors are advised to stick to the exact timeframe to provide all their clients equal service. But if your counselor delays appointments, but ends it exactly on time, or cancels frequently, you may have to think twice.

You feel judged

Counseling is all about opening up. But if your therapist doesn’t create a welcoming atmosphere, something is wrong. If you feel you’re been judged for the mistakes you’ve done, or your vulnerability, your therapist might not be the ideal one for you – or anyone else – for that matter. 

Need to take a stand regarding your therapist? Be wise and pick a reputed and experienced counselor that suits your need. Therapy is a sensitive subject which is all about helping with one’s mental health. A therapist can make or break a man. So, you need to know who your counselor really is. Look into their experience, where their expertise lays, and choose your listener.

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