As Covid-19 continues, a lot of people still can’t get to their work. As a result, many entrepreneurs are confused about how to scale their businesses. That’s because the main part of any business is hidden in growth.

Monitoring cash flow, using social media, and getting help in areas you’re weak in. It will help you focus on expanding aspects that offer great value to the business. These aspects can include advertisements, sales promotion, and awareness.

What a brand thinks about online presence can be both true and false. Simply existing on social media doesn’t mean that you have a presence. A brand’s presence is a much deeper layer that helps to build a complete image of the business. Well-defined strategies can grow your business and make it expand to other markets.

Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2022

Your business will never increase in value if you’re not intentional about its growth. Business growth doesn’t just happen, you must put in place initiatives for success to happen. Here are 6 suggestions on how you can grow your small business.

1. Expand to New Markets

No doubt that franchising allows you to increase your customer base. But if you can’t franchise your business, there are alternatives that you can do. These alternatives include corporate organizations, distributorship, and licensing ownership.

Business growth can take an entrepreneur by surprise. Your sales get a sudden boost or an unexpected opportunity falls onto your lap. Then you find yourself scrambling in a stressful game of catch-up. But don’t worry, because careful planning for expansion can save you from this.

Take note of the following tips to help you expand to new markets and level-up competition:

  • Review your business model and target market. It helps you in identifying areas that need improvement.
  • Think about your company’s future goals. The vision statement can give you insights into potential expansion.
  • Research competitors’ markets to determine the potential markets to expand into.
  • Identify one target market and focus on it. It should be one that aligns with your future goals.
  • Use surveys or website pop-ups to get feedback from existing client bases.
  • Establish a budget you’ll need for the expansion

However, you’ll need to take a slow and steady approach and plan for every one of your steps. That allows you to set your business up for successful proactive growth. It’s better than a stressful reactive response to an immediate need.

1. Outsourced Marketing

It’s the goal of every business to make a profit and maximize sales. But not all businesses have the right expertise in marketing or SEO to achieve that goal. That’s the reason more businesses are choosing outsourced marketing.

But what is outsourced marketing? Well, it’s the delegation of internal marketing responsibilities to an external agency. Outsourced sales companies are external agencies that help businesses maximize their reach and audience.

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a single salesperson in charge of marketing. That’s because they’ll not have enough time to make everyone their client, which limits your profits and growth. Thus, you need outsourced sales development services from tidal to help you stay competitive. And, forward-thinking.

Consulting outsource sales companies ensures you have experts for your lead generation processes. It ensures that you have an outsourced marketing team that understands your business. One that can take the right action to reach your objectives.

2. Reduce Risks

It’s impossible to control everything while growing a business. That’s what makes risks inevitable. You need to manage your business’s growth to avoid disruptions that can bring it to a grinding halt. Challenges like the theft of employee data play a role in bringing down a small business.

But there are ways that you can use to limit internal and external threats. Your business insurance provider is one of the resources you can use to accomplish that.

Not every entrepreneur has policies that cover data breaches. So you need to be prepared to get insurance products that will help you recover. The products should include those that cover the costs of remediation and lawsuits.

As the business grows, you can add equipment and develop new products. Or increase your operating and distribution footprints.

3. Be Adaptive and Focus on Your Customer Experience

One trait that startups have in common is the ability to switch directions in response to trends. Note that an agile approach to development in your business will help it grow quickly. 

The ability to adapt and quickly change enables you to test different approaches. This will help you determine what works and what doesn’t for your business. If the approach fails, pick yourself up and keep going.

Remember that clients’ perception will determine their customer experience. Thus, you must deliver quality experiences and products. This will make your clients sing praises on social media. Mess it up and the world finds out sooner than you can imagine.

Making your clients happy with customer experience contributes to faster growth. Smaller companies are better at anticipating and responding to their clients’ needs. So you can take advantage of this and bring new and innovative products to the market. It allows you to develop and nature long-term customer relationships.

4. Promote Your Business Via Social Media

2022 is the year you should begin using social media to promote your business if you haven’t begun already. Begin by identifying networks that can work best for your business.

Facebook is the best choice if you plan to generate leads and build relationships. LinkedIn will help you with business networking. While Twitter is good when it comes to piggy-backing off new trends. Creating Tik Tok videos will also help you to reach new audiences. But it will be best to make the videos short and punchy.

With social media marketing, entrepreneurs need to think about their target audiences. Who are they, where are they, and what’s their age group? What’s their gender, what are their interests, hopes, or fears? What language do they use?

You must think about your tone of voice. Then tailor your content to your audience and offer advice. Or anything that users wouldn’t mind sharing on their social media accounts.

5. Think Digital

Entrepreneurs must review their processes to see what can be improved and what to let go of. Digital technology can help in the following ways:

  • Cloud accounting software enables you to send and track invoices. This helps to boost your chances of getting paid on time and protect your cash flow. You may also be able to photograph receipts, which makes it easier to store and match with bank statements and expenses claims.
  • Integrating cloud payroll software ensures that your team is paid securely and accurately. If you want to grow your business you need to change your mindset around money and other factors. That’s because the world economy is still recovering. Thus, it would be a mistake to assume that it’s business as usual.
  • Small businesses owners should also note that potential customers use mobile devices to interact with new brands. As such, it’s important that you cater to your client’s needs by creating mobile-friendly applications.

Business management apps have brought many changes into the marketplace. They have changed how we book hotels, transfer money, order products, and eat out. Thus, you should think seriously about how to use business management apps to gain more growth.


Business confidence is presently recovering from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. And, many businesses are feeling confident about their growth prospects in 2022. This is according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce.

2022, however, will not see a return to business as it were before the pandemic. That’s because how we work, shop, and interact has completely changed. In any case, the world is preparing to live with the effects of Covid-19 and its different variants.

Technological changes have also been enhanced and working environments have changed. And, you have every reason to adapt to these changes, if business growth is to happen.

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