As a commercial property owner, keeping a clean and inviting environment for employees, clients, and visitors is very important. However, to meet the legal standards for commercial properties, there is more to just the normal cleaning routine involving the floors or the hallways. Here are some of the most effective steps you can utilize to customize cleaning services to suit your needs as a commercial property owner:

Assessment of the Property

Before you can integrate any services, you need to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your commercial property. Firstly, understanding the size of the space is crucial, as it dictates the amount of cleaning resources and workforce needed. Based on your assessments, you can understand the flow of foot traffic in the building, hence knowing which places are more likely to get dirty faster. High-traffic zones, where employees and clients frequently traverse, demand special attention. In addition, this also helps you know when there are more people utilizing specific areas and at what exact time, from the restrooms and kitchens to conference rooms and lobbies.

Define Cleaning Priorities

Determine which areas of your property require more frequent cleaning than others. Some spaces, such as restrooms and break rooms, necessitate daily cleaning due to the high volume of usage and the potential for rapid dirt and germ accumulation. These areas tend to get dirty easily, and without proper attention, they may pose a hygienic disaster due to germ and bacteria-related diseases. Depending on their usage, you need to ensure that these areas are cleaned. Less frequented spaces like storage rooms or utility areas may only require cleaning every week.

Choose Appropriate Cleaning Techniques and Products

Select the appropriate cleaning techniques and products based on the nature of your business and the materials used in your property. What the floors, walls, counters, or roof are made of determines your cleaning procedures and products. While some techniques and cleaning supplies may spotlessly clean a surface, they may ruin the material of another. 

Some surfaces require gentle wiping, while others prefer thorough scrubbing. Buy your products and supplies from a reliable and reputable vendor. Ensure your equipment has a warranty, and the vendor offers the service and repairs of Nilfisk vacuum cleaners to ensure your property stays clean and well-maintained. Understanding this, you can know what and where to use it without damaging the surfaces or using the wrong supplies.

Consider Industry-Specific Needs

Understand that different industries have specific cleaning requirements that dictate the nature of their operations. For instance, if your property houses a medical facility, know the stringent sanitation procedures to maintain a sterile environment and safeguard the health of patients and staff. This may involve regular disinfection protocols and attention to frequently touched places like door knobs, counters, and tap faucets. Conversely, in an office space, the focus may be on regular dusting, vacuuming, and maintaining a tidy workspace to create a conducive and professional working environment. It is crucial to understand the specific regulations that govern the industries operating in your commercial building.

Proper communication with your cleaning service provider team is the secret to ensuring a clean property. Review and update your cleaning plan to ensure it meets the needs of your property. Ensure an open flow of information to ensure transparency and accountability for supplies and equipment.

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