A crucial part of facilities management includes office cleaning. To create a safe and healthy work environment for the employee, the employer needs to pay attention to office sanitation. Not only will it give a positive impact on the employee, a clean office will also enhance the business reputation and give guests and clients a great first impression.

Here are some important areas that feature at the office which require regular attention and cleaning.

Under Chairs

You’d be amazed at how frequently workers touch the underneath of chairs while leaning back to rest or stretch. They will also need to hold the under of the chair to pull it up or rearrange it. Although it may not be apparent, the underside of the chairs is one of the places which was covered with dust and filth.


Fluorescent strip lights are commonly used in offices, and their exterior casings are a prime spot for dust and even insects. Frequent cleaning of these lights can brighten the workspace and may even have a beneficial impact on productivity and motivation. You might not notice it, but over time build-up of dirt can start to reduce the light in a room.


Although it is widely known that cleaning blinds takes a long time, doing so is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy working atmosphere. Blinds are one of the gathering places for dust and filth, but this space is frequently neglected to clean. Regular dusting is necessary because even if the blind’s slats are turned, the dust may remain on them.


Communal microwaves are one of the main places for germs to breed in the office. Employees rarely clean up their food spills and splatters after using the microwaves. If you hire a cleaning service, microwaves will be their top priority to clean.


Community phones are widely used in the office setting. As we frequently touch phones with both our hands and face, telephones rank among the top transmitters of bacteria and germs.

Use an antibacterial wipe to clean the office phones, and a cotton swab to clean in between the buttons.

Office Desks

Despite being used more regularly than many of the other items on this list, office desk surfaces are frequently disregarded when it comes to cleaning. Employees spend the majority of their time at desks, perhaps even during lunch, and it will easily draw bacteria. Cleaning the office desk is very important to make sure of the cleanliness of a workspace.

TouchPoint Areas

It is also very important to have comprehensive cleaning on all touch point areas. This area is the most common thing people touch, thus making it the most vulnerable area for pick-up or transmitting viruses, bacteria, and diseases. The touch point areas in the office included:


Handles are conceivably the most used items in the workplace. This applies to the knobs on refrigerators, microwaves, and sink faucets. These items are used so frequently in daily life. Most of the time the staff members who haven’t cleaned their hands properly touch the handle, which leads to the spread of germs, which puts everyone in the office at risk of getting the flu, a cold, or something more serious.

Handles should be the top priority of the office cleaning to-do list because it is very crucial to maintain the workplace safe and tidy. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean all handles in the office building at least once a week.


Another area that is full of germs and bacteria is the handrail on escalators, elevators, and staircases. People frequently cough and sneeze on their hands without cleaning them before carelessly touching these handrails.

Keyboard and Mouse

The Computer, keyboard and mouse are the items that are used the most frequently in an office building. These items needed extra care and cleaning because they are the most frequent items that people in the office touch.

Cleaning services are an important practice to keep your office safe and clean for all employees and clients. However, managing this task can be difficult and time-consuming!

It will be easier if the employer is hiring a commercial cleaning service and making use of their services to clean and sanitize the office. We recommend you to visit https://sg.lucemg.com/services/office-cleaning, to read more about the service they provide. Book their service now to help you create a healthy and comfortable workspace!

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