As I scroll through the social media feeds one of the most top-notch comments expressed by many youngsters these days is the strike of the boredom of staying at home. Whilst we forget months ago most of us were on a crazy run trying to hit our sales targets, enhance our career performances and progression, excel in our duties and responsibilities, attain bright colours in our education and the list goes on. Those were the days we dreaded for free time to just spend at home, spend with the family, as we felt we were missing out a lot in our personal lives, the real meaning of life is that momentous time spent youโ€™re your family, with your friends and with the loved ones. When a strange virus attacked the mankind of the planet Earth locking up lives inside homes and hospitals, in one facet we got frightened due to the fragileness of the pandemic. None of us knew from whom, where or how we would get caught up in this deadly virus.

All the authorities and governing bodies of this world are now making only one major request from all of us, and that is to Stay Home, Stay Indoors and Stay Safe. Mankind by default is wild, notorious and aggressive. Keeping them still at one particular place is at times harder than combatting this virus. As it lies in our hands to take preventive and protective measures, by our single act of cooperation we support the front line warriors of this unarmored war. In case you feel bored or lost not knowing what to do at home than to watch Netflix, eat and sleep, Iโ€™d like to request all of you to read further about few of my prioritized suggestions to add value to this doubtful times.

Spend Quality Time with the Family

The days when we were running around to earn our living, one of the most crucial aspects that slipped off our minds is to give time for our family. At the end of the day whoever, you are family is the only place where you find unconditional love. Home is where your comfort and heart is. You were born with them, spent days and nights, cried and laughed, got hurt and happy. Many are the memories and occasions tied up around them. You will eventually leave from this world amidst their grief. Hence, take this time to add value and meaning to that family life. Get to know each other more deeply, discuss the things you missed. Pray together, play together, share house chores. Add drops of happiness to each other, because one day you will only be left with the memories to ponder, thus make sure you have no regrets by then.

Read a Book/Watch a Documentary

Whilst most of us are binge-watching Netflix, some of the knowledge expansion techniques are watching a documentary or listening to Ted talks. There is a lot of things we could learn from each otherโ€™s life experiences. Our time on this earth is limited, so does the experiences we could get, which is why platforms such as Ted Talks are developed to create opportunities for all of us to gain further knowledge and insights of the facets of life we do not experience or think about. Such informative talks expand our knowledge and intellectual capacity. It is not a waste of time at all.

Adding to it is the power of reading. When you read a book you attract the universal knowledge gauged in it. It is a form of meditation to train your mind to focus on one thing at a time. Book lovers have spent more than one life story in their tenure because they get actively involved in the storyline mentally. All these are to nourish your brain cells, as it is a chamber of mysteries and miracles.

Try out Recipes/ Engage in a craft

Iโ€™ve come across through many updates of people posting pictures about homemade bread/baking stuff, desserts, and the famous Dalgona coffee which were going viral for sometimes. Many individuals and restaurants are even sharing their recipes for their potential customers to try the same at home. It is a very good entertaining act to occupy your self during this stay home period. It is all about creation, the kind of happiness you receive once you create something on your own is ecstatic. Forget about the quality of the taste, just do it with passion. Similarly, when you occupy in arts and crafts, such as pottery, painting, stitching, embroidery, card making and etc., the dopamine cells in your brain activates and imitates happiness and positive vibes to your life.

Spend time on hobbies

A hobby is an essential part of the positive upbringing of a child and even an adult. Whatever your hobby is, even if it is still collecting stamps while youโ€™re in your 50โ€™s respect it and continue. There is always a positive law of attraction between you and your hobby. Whilst some make money out of their hobbies, during this period you could spend more time to enrich it and engulf in it to add meaning to your life. It will bring about new creations such as songs, articles, recipes and artistic creations.

Lock picking is an interesting hobby to get into. You can try opening locks at home using different kinds of tools available online. Whether or not you proceed to professional practice like locksmithing, this skill is very handy in emergency situations. It also improves your creative and critical way of thinking.

Catch up on your friends

This is one of the ideal times to catch up on the stories you missed with your long time no see friends. Importantly people tend to remember more the ones who truly checked whether they are safe via a call or a message. That call to the friend which you postponed since last year because you were busy, take it now! Drop your ego and drop a message to all whom you know and just ask whether they are safe. That message will go a long way someday. You could justify saying, they never remembered me after school or university, it doesnโ€™t matter just drop that message. We never know how much time is left for us to spend on this earth, imagine it was short and you were holding on to your ego you will die with misery. But imagine you forgave, forgot and spread kindness irrespective of the way they treated you, then you are making this world a better place!

During this troubled times spread nothing but love, the world needs it, your life needs it.

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