What is the meaning of all this? Not a lot of people want to go there. I keep getting scolded for even trying to make sense of all this. But if this global pandemic doesn`t make you want to question everything, do not read any further. This article is not for you ?.

As a whole I believe what the majority of spiritually inclined people are saying is true, this is Mother Nature’s ‘slap in the face’ for forgetting that we are merely tenants in her house.

Secondly, the way it has forced everyone to literally shut down is mind-blowing. It’s like nature knew that unless enough force is used people will never listen. And it’s true. Even when the pandemic was spreading and warnings were provided from every angle still people chose to be ignorant. How important is attending the Big Match during a global pandemic? What is the rationale here? Is it that the Big Match was the only good thing that was happening in their lives? Or is it that they wanted to have fun before the whole world gets wiped off? The Big Match incident was one of the earliest incidences. A lot more followed after that which made me wonder whether it’s mere ignorance or lack of understanding of how important quarantine is in containing a virus. I worked in a genetics lab in the past so I was familiar with the concept, but what about the general public? Was enough information provided to them to make an informed decision from the beginning? 

We are finally under a full-blown lockdown and right now the only thing each of us can do at home is hope and pray. From time to time I get messages about how this is all a conspiracy, how this is about breaking down capitalism and division of class.

Right now, the most important thing to focus on is self-quarantine and how not to spread this any further. If you feel unwell, do not go out of the house for two weeks, check the WHO website, be informed and inform others. This is not a time to point fingers to any political party or country. We don`t know when this will end or whether it will end anytime soon. The only thing that is certain is no one should go back to their ‘normal lives’ without reevaluating their priorities.

We can always find a way if we all get together and help each other to get through this. Clearly a global system for healthcare and food needs to be planned out soon and implemented. Check this article from Yuval Noah Harari. This is the part that surpassed my culturally influenced logical monkey mind and touched my heart – 

“ There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who lack even basic healthcare services. This endangers all of us. We are used to thinking about health in national terms, but providing better healthcare for Iranians and Chinese helps protects Israelis and Americans too from epidemics. This simple truth should be obvious to everyone, but unfortunately, it escapes even some of the most important people in the world.”

Yuval Noah Harari

The earth is enjoying the silence when we are at home. Hopefully, the future of work will remove unnecessary traveling to attend meaningless meetings. Hopefully, the business owners will not focus solely on making money while polluting the environment. Hopefully, we can all see that we are all biological cells regardless of the race that has the same structure that will be targeted by any virus that can emerge anytime.

Only thing I know right now is that in Sri Lanka, we ended up in this uncertain state is because of the ignorant who chose to lie about their whereabouts, made fun of quarantine measures and kept making fun of the global pandemic while going on long-distance trips- when the healthcare workers were trying so hard to contain this.

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